Monday, July 28, 2008

The Red Car

I never imagined myself owning a red car.
However, after years of struggling to diagnose the mysterious maladies of my 2000 GMC Jimmy (color: almost invisible silver), I finally gave up on my long-cherished dream of paying it off and having no car payments for many years. I had prayed for weeks to be directed in the matter of a new car, and then one day I suddenly seemed led to this 2003 Pontiac Vibe. Before 7/22/08 I'd never even heard of a "Vibe" other than the Beach Boys' good ones!

So now I'm the owner of a red car, and I feel a little bit naughty! My friend Vicki tells me that now I can be a "red hot mama"! Maybe it is finally time to stop being the dull rock in the box of shiny pebbles!
By the way, thanks Dad and Kathy for helping me find and test drive my new car. I think we picked a winner!