Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Not Good-bye

Ed and Mary on the edge of the Mogollon Rim, 25 May 2010.

Yesterday was tough.  We'd only been married for four days--four blissfully wonderful days--when I had to drive Ed to Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix and watch him board a plane back to Cheyenne.

I know it's necessary for him to tie up his loose ends so he can get moved here permanently.  I know I'll see him in just 3 more days, when Dylan and I drive to Cheyenne to join Ed on Saturday.  I know we both have a lot of tasks to complete, so the time should pass quickly.  I know...well, I'm pretty sure I'll survive this short separation.  But I miss him horribly already, and the tears seem to spill too easily and frequently.

How is it possible to feel so happy and so sad at the same time?   

When Ed arrived, we chose the Salt River Canyon route to bring him to our mountain home.  Yesterday we took the Mogollon Rim route to leave our mountain.  I wanted to share all the amazing scenery of our area with him.

Before we started down the face of the Rim, we stopped at an overlook to enjoy the breathtaking view spread out before us.  Jacob came with us so I wouldn't have to make the 3-hour drive home alone after leaving the airport, so we gave him the job of taking these pictures.  The lighting wasn't perfect, but the memories are.

We arrived at the airport before 8:00 pm, so we had about half an hour to relax and say our farewells.  It was awfully hard.  Ed kept telling me we weren't saying good-bye, we were saying "I'll see you soon."  Maybe, but it still felt a lot like good-bye to me.

When Jacob took this picture, he said, "You look like you're in pain, Mom."  It's called heartache, Son.

Ed's flight to Denver left at 9:25.  It was after 2:00 a.m. in Cheyenne when he reached his home.  It was just after midnight in Arizona when Jacob and I got back here.  Despite the lateness, Ed and I still spoke on the phone for a very long time.  We spoke again this morning.

This separation will be over soon, but meanwhile it just doesn't feel right for us to be apart.  You're right, my love, this is not good-bye.  I'll see you soon.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Mr. and Mrs.

Newlyweds Ed and Mary Reynolds minutes after the wedding!

Yes, we really did it.  Ed and I got married yesterday by a Justice of the Peace in Show Low.

Yes, it was sudden.  So sudden our heads are still spinning.  But I've never been happier; I've never felt so at peace; I've never been so much in love.

I've tried to sit down and blog our whirlwind romance several times these past weeks, but everything has been so, well, whirlwindish!  There was just no time.  So many wonderful things have been happening between Ed and I, as well as with my (our) family, and I promise to share it all as soon as possible.

Dylan, age 12; Jacob, age 18; Ed and Mary; and Sarah, age 20.

We didn't tell anyone except my children (who already love Ed and think of him as their dad).  Oh, and my friend Wyndie, who happened to be there when Ed called me at work yesterday morning to tell me a Justice of the Peace would be available to marry us at 5:00 that afternoon.

It wasn't our intent to exclude anyone.  We only knew we wanted to be together as soon as possible, but we didn't really know how quickly that could be arranged.  When Ed came from his home in Cheyenne, Wyoming, to spend time with me and my children, he'd only planned to stay for 4 days, May 14-17.  Since his arrival, he's extended the length of his stay two times.  When we realized he really would have to fly back home next Tuesday, May 25, we began to talk about getting married sooner rather than later. 

Ed and I drove to Holbrook after school on Thursday to get a marriage license.  At dinner that night, Ed told the kids we were thinking about getting married right away.  They were enthusiastic about the idea.  In fact, for the rest of the night Dylan kept asking hopefully if we'd decided yet.

We didn't decide for sure until after Jacob's graduation Thursday night that we wanted to get married the next day.  Even then, we had no idea whether a judge would be available so quickly.  Thankfully, Judge Dana Sipes was willing to do the deed, and now Ed and I are husband and wife!

We found a big bag of wedding surprises waiting on the kitchen table when we returned home.
Thanks, Wyndie and Charla!

I suppose it was an odd wedding day.  We started out the morning not knowing if we'd even be getting married.  I'm still getting used to the idea that May 21st is now our anniversary!

I had to work all day, completing those end-of-the-school-year tasks that keep me so busy, but it was awfully hard to concentrate once I knew my wedding was just hours away!  When I got home from work, I helped Ed prepare burritos for dinner.  Then we dressed in our Sunday-go-to-meeting clothes and drove to the justice court. 

Our wedding was short and sweet.  We were both so nervous, I felt our hands trembling as we clasped them during the ceremony.  I was already wearing my engagement ring, but there were no wedding rings to exchange.  Originally we'd planned to get married on June 24th, so we had ordered custom wedding rings, which won't be ready for at least 3 more weeks. 

It was very special to have Sarah and Jacob serve as our witnesses.  Their signatures are now and forever attached to our license.  After the wedding, Ed was touched when Jacob grabbed him in a huge bear hug.  On the way home, Jacob and Dylan debated whether to start calling Ed "Dad."  As of now the decision is "maybe." 

As soon as we got home, we had to quickly change clothes and get Dylan to his ballgame.  Dylan wasted no time telling his coach (who is our bishop) about the wedding, and from there word spread like wildfire.  Soon we were surrounded by excited well-wishers at the Little League field.  My friend A'Lece even invited Jacob and Dylan to spend the night with her family so Ed and I could have some privacy for our wedding night.  We took her up on it!

Ed and Mary Reynolds, ages 49 and 55, at Mama Bears this morning.

I loved waking up as Mrs. Ed Reynolds this morning!  Ed suggested we go out to breakfast to celebrate, so we took the boys with us to Mama Bear's restaurant.  (Sarah is babysitting today.)  Since breakfast, Ed and the boys have been to ride go-carts at Family Fun Park and are currently challenging each other at Guitar Hero on Wii, giving me some time to blog. 

Dylan and Jacob at Mama Bears.

There is so much more to come!  We're planning an Alaskan cruise for our honeymoon in June.  Ed lived in Alaska for 23 years and wants to show me the inside passage (whatever that is...).  In just 3 days Ed returns to Cheyenne to begin the process of relocating to our home in Arizona.  It will be so hard to put him on that plane, but I plan to follow him to Wyoming by car just 3 days after he leaves.  This will be an interesting summer, with both of us traveling back and forth, here and there, to merge our separate lives into one whole.

One important step still remains: on May 21, 2011, Ed and I intend to be sealed in the Snowflake Temple.  To us, yesterday's wedding was simply to satisfy the law and allow us to be together at this time.  The real cause for celebration will be when we are sealed for all eternity.  That's when we will invite all our family and friends to be there to rejoice with us! 

The road ahead will be a challenge, but there is nothing we can't overcome as long as we're together! 

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Senior Banquet, or Two

Is it really possible that my green-eyed baby boy is about to graduate from high school?  How did 18 years of his life pass by so quickly?  In just 8 days he will don his cap and gown and cross the stage to accept his diploma from the hands of his proud mother!  That's if he passes his government class, of course!  (Imagine me saying that with a slightly strained smile...)

On Monday night Jacob and I enjoyed attending the annual senior banquet, a dinner for the seniors and their parents.  It includes the presentation of awards for tongue-in-cheek accomplishments such as "Most likely to be voted off Survivor," or "Best Wardrobe."  

This year the banquet was held at the Christmas Tree Restaurant.  I just had to get this picture of Jacob with Santa asleep at the wheel.  

We were joined at our table by our new principal and his wife, Eric and Kim Harmon.  Although this is his first year as principal, I've known Eric for years, first as a math teacher and then as athletic director.  Kim works in the LEEP (job training) program, and I consider her a friend.

Of course, I was there, too!  I'm just so proud of my son and the good things he has accomplished so far in his young life!

And now I must give equal time to my firstborn:
Sarah graduated 2 years ago, but her senior banquet pictures were never posted due to the fact that I hadn't yet figured out how to do this blogging thing at that time!  Her banquet was held at the Hon Dah Casino conference center on the nearby Apache reservation.

Her favorite thing about the banquet was having a last chance to hang out with her best friends, Kristin and Brandy.  Here, she and Kristin load their plates at the buffet.

And here, she and Brandy clown around while waiting for the action to start.  Sarah still stays in contact with both girls, but as we old folks know, the dynamics of these friendships change once high school is a thing of the past.  They no longer see each other very often.

Soon I shall have but one child left in public school.  Only one child between me and the dreaded empty nest!  It's a little sad to see them grow up and move on, but what great memories we will always share!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Prom 2010

Jacob's final junior-senior prom took place more than 3 weeks ago, and his distracted mom has been a bit slow in sharing the pictures from that evening.  But better late than never, right?

Jacob and his date Cassie had a great time.  They wandered and socialized more than they danced.  They enjoyed the refreshments, the loud music, and the company of friends.  And they mostly managed to avoid Jacob's chaperone mom and her ever-present camera! 

I caught them a few times, though!  I got someone to take this shot of Jacob and me while he was waiting for Cassie to return from the ladies' room.  The rose is for Cassie, of course!

It was an exciting moment when Chanda was crowned Prom Queen.  Chanda is the daughter of my friend Charla, and she is also my son Dylan's Big Sister in the Big Brothers/Big Sisters program.  With her is her date, Keegan, who happened to be Dylan's Big Brother before he graduated and went off to college 2 years ago.  They are two of Dylan's favorite people.

I'm a little sad that it will be a few years before one of my children attends Prom again.  Dylan begins junior high school in August, so it will be 2 years before one of my kids is again a student at the high school where I teach.  After 6 years with Sarah and/or Jacob attending my school, I just may be a little bit lonely there!