Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Senior Banquet, or Two

Is it really possible that my green-eyed baby boy is about to graduate from high school?  How did 18 years of his life pass by so quickly?  In just 8 days he will don his cap and gown and cross the stage to accept his diploma from the hands of his proud mother!  That's if he passes his government class, of course!  (Imagine me saying that with a slightly strained smile...)

On Monday night Jacob and I enjoyed attending the annual senior banquet, a dinner for the seniors and their parents.  It includes the presentation of awards for tongue-in-cheek accomplishments such as "Most likely to be voted off Survivor," or "Best Wardrobe."  

This year the banquet was held at the Christmas Tree Restaurant.  I just had to get this picture of Jacob with Santa asleep at the wheel.  

We were joined at our table by our new principal and his wife, Eric and Kim Harmon.  Although this is his first year as principal, I've known Eric for years, first as a math teacher and then as athletic director.  Kim works in the LEEP (job training) program, and I consider her a friend.

Of course, I was there, too!  I'm just so proud of my son and the good things he has accomplished so far in his young life!

And now I must give equal time to my firstborn:
Sarah graduated 2 years ago, but her senior banquet pictures were never posted due to the fact that I hadn't yet figured out how to do this blogging thing at that time!  Her banquet was held at the Hon Dah Casino conference center on the nearby Apache reservation.

Her favorite thing about the banquet was having a last chance to hang out with her best friends, Kristin and Brandy.  Here, she and Kristin load their plates at the buffet.

And here, she and Brandy clown around while waiting for the action to start.  Sarah still stays in contact with both girls, but as we old folks know, the dynamics of these friendships change once high school is a thing of the past.  They no longer see each other very often.

Soon I shall have but one child left in public school.  Only one child between me and the dreaded empty nest!  It's a little sad to see them grow up and move on, but what great memories we will always share!


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Life is never the same after high school. For the most part, that's a good thing. But when we were in it we think this is's a relief to find out it's not. :)