Sunday, May 15, 2011

Our Eternity Begins

It's almost here!  In just six days, Ed and I will celebrate our first anniversary, and we will commemorate it in a most special way.

21 May 2010: Ed and me just minutes after being married by Judge Sipes in the courthouse.

When I blogged about our sudden marriage last year (click here to go to that blog), I concluded with these words:

"One important step still remains: on May 21, 2011, Ed and I intend to be sealed in the Snowflake Temple.  To us, yesterday's wedding was simply to satisfy the law and allow us to be together at this time.  The real cause for celebration will be when we are sealed for all eternity.  That's when we will invite all our family and friends to be there to rejoice with us!"

Well, this is it!  On Saturday, May 21st, Ed and I will have our marriage "sealed" for eternity in the Snowflake Temple.  We joyfully invite each of you to rejoice with us at an open house in Lakeside that same evening as we begin the "forever" phase of our marriage.  If you are unable to join us due to distance, we know you will be with us in heart and spirit, but we'll miss you!

My homemade invitations came out pretty well, don't you agree?

(To read the blog about our whirlwind courtship, click this one to go to that post.)

We hope to see many of you there on Saturday!

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Grandma Honey said...

OH how I wish I could be there Mary. I wouldn't even mind the drive, but the altitude would get to me.
I will be with you in spirit however. All the best to you both.