Saturday, June 16, 2012

Two Receptions I Missed Tonight

Last summer my daughter Sarah and her husband Chris were married on the same day as another young lady from our church ward, Courtney, and her husband Frank.  They also held their receptions at the exact same times on that same day, July 30th.

Luckily, our many mutual friends seemed to enjoy attending two receptions in the same evening, because both were very well attended.

16 June 2012: Newlyweds Richard and Gina.

Today, history repeated itself when two more young ladies from our ward chose to be married on the same day.  I've been so looking forward to attending their receptions, but unfortunately I have been stricken with an ugly case of bronchitis and I was forced to keep my nasty cough at home instead.

I love Gina's sweet expression during the ring ceremony.

My husband, however, attended both receptions and kindly took pictures for me so I could enjoy both receptions from afar.

Richard and Gina's wedding party.

Both young brides are friends of my daughter Sarah.  Gina married her sweetheart Richard.  As you can tell from their homespun-style reception, they are both of the cowboy/cowgirl persuasion.  Western boots, burlap, and daisies abounded.

Burlap- and daisy-festooned wedding cake.

Candles in large jars lighted the path to the pavilion.

A handcart at the entrance.

16 June 2012: Joshua and Ashley.

The other young bride, Ashley, is quiet and shy, but she's also quirky and artistic.  I fully expected her reception to be a horse of a different color, and I was not disappointed!

I just love the teapot chandelier above their heads!

Ashley's new husband Joshua is British, but he and his family emigrated to New Zealand five or six years ago.  I believe he and Ashley met online, and Joshua will now become a permanent resident in the USA. 

The partially painted roses on the wedding cake provide a clue for the reception's theme.

Ashley's theme was Alice in Wonderland.  The decorations were replete with teapots, playing cards, clocks, red roses, and red hearts.  The refreshments included little cards instructing "Eat me" or "Drink me."  I wasn't there to ask who designed the cake, but I suspect Ashley's touch was involved!

I wish I could have been there to celebrate with both of these young couples, but my best wishes and good thoughts are with them.  May they have an eternity of beautiful memories and love to enjoy!

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