Monday, October 27, 2014

Birthday Girls

Celebrating two birthdays: Sarah's 25th and Danielle's 21st!

My sons are used to sharing their birthday celebrations, since their birthdays and their dad's birthday all fall within a 10-day period (June 21 to July 1). For 3 years, I shared my birthday with my second husband, whose birthday was the same day as mine. Sarah, though, has always had her birthday all to herself. Until now!

My attempt at a dual birthday cake, with pink for Danielle and purple for Sarah.
(We couldn't find any purple icing...)

When Jacob married Danielle in June, he brought another October birthday into our immediate family. Not only is Danielle's birthday in the same month as Sarah's, but it's also the very day after: Sarah was born on October 27th, while Danielle was born on October 28th 4 years later!

Gifts from Dylan and me.

Although their Walmart schedules worked out favorably for each of the ladies, with Sarah having the day off on her birthday and Danielle having the day off on her birthday, that didn't help much for getting the entire family together for a celebration. However, no one was scheduled to work yesterday, so we turned our weekly Sunday dinner into a double-birthday party!

Sarah reads a card out loud.

We intended to eat dinner before beginning the party, but the not-entirely-thawed chicken was still pretty pink when I took it out of the oven. We overruled Dylan's suggestion that we eat cake and ice cream first and then dinner later, and we went right into the gift opening segment.

Sarah with her birthday presents.

The two birthday girls took turns, alternating opening their gifts and reading aloud their cards. Sarah received a cute silver puppy necklace-and-earrings from her little brother; a gift card from Jacob and Danielle; a birthday massage from her massage-therapist husband Chris (to be delivered on her actual birthday); and a set of all 4 novels in The Giver series from me. (I love that book! I hope Sarah will, too.)

Danielle and her birthday presents.

Danielle received a pretty pink heart necklace-and-earrings from Dylan; a pink flower necklace, a pink bracelet, and pink nail polish from Sarah and Chris (as Chris burst into song: "It's all about that pink..."); from me, the book version of the new film If I Stay; and from her husband Jacob (who's always been very generous with gifts) she got a pink jacket, a purse, a wallet, a pair of pink shoes, and a beautiful necklace you can see in the next picture.

Do you think she likes it?

Dinnertime at the Carter home.

After 20 minutes more in the oven, the Chicken Parmesan was perfect and we enjoyed our entree with a side of green salad. Danielle chose the dinner menu (Chicken Parmesan has always been a favorite of the whole family) and Sarah chose the chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. They each selected an ice cream flavor: cookies-and-cream for Sarah and strawberry for Danielle (more pink!). And, of course, everyone had a taste of both!

Danielle and Sarah blow out the (wrong) candles!

Finally, we moved on to the cake and ice cream. After we sang "Happy Birthday to You," the girls blew out their candles. That's when Jacob pointed out that they were each on the wrong end of their cake! So we rearranged them, re-sang the quick Alvin-and-the chipmunks version, and took more pictures. Now that Sarah and Danielle got to make a double-wish, I hope all their most beautiful dreams come true!

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