Monday, February 2, 2015

Superbowl Sunday

Meaty "wings" for dinner! Yum!

Our family gathers for Sunday dinner every week, but this week our gathering was slightly different since it was Superbowl Sunday. The truth is, none of us are all that into football, except my son-in-law Chris, so this was really his big day. He asked Jacob if he would make hot wings for dinner and Jacob agreed. So Sarah and Chris supplied the makings, and Jacob supplied the manpower. 

1 Feb 2015: How's this for role reversal? 
The gals are crashed in front of the game and the guys are in the kitchen!

In the end, we all watched a lot of the game, though most of us watched for the commercials and half-time show rather than the team rivalry. And the food made it all worthwhile!

Jacob cuts up chicken thighs into "wings." 

Jacob prepared four different flavors of wings. The eight months he worked in the kitchen of Native New Yorker definitely paid off for us! Along with regular wings, he made meatier "wings" out of boneless, skinless thighs for Sarah and me, since we don't really care for those bony little meatless things they call wings.

Chris prepared a snack for us.

Chris made a bowl of mixed popcorn, goldfish crackers, and chocolate chips to snack on while we waited. It must have been good, because the first bowl emptied quickly and he had to make more. Sadly, nothing in that bowl that I could eat...

Sarah chats with her dad.

While dinner was cooking, all three kids got to talk to their dad for a few minutes when he made his weekly Sunday call.

Four flavors: 1) buffalo honey-mustard; 2) garlic Parmesan;
3) chipotle ranch; and 4) guacamole. They were all delicious!
And they were all very low-carb except the honey-mustard.

 Each was placed in a bowl and used as a dry-rub except the buffalo honey-mustard.

What was especially fun about this weekend was that we also got to enjoy a visit from my nephew Jeremy and his family, so we ended up having family dinner three nights in a row! My kids came over to have dinner with us on Friday and Saturday. Then, after Jeremy and Cami headed back to the Valley to do a Superbowl party with their extended family there, my kids stayed and we had out own Superbowl party for a third family dinner night in a row.

It doesn't get much better than that!

A table filled with good grub, ready to be devoured!
We kept it simple, since there were only the six of us to feed.

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