Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Spa Estique

18 Mar 2015 - Pinetop, Arizona

For my 60th birthday last September, my kids got together to purchase a gift card for me, for a massage at Spa Estique. It only took me a little over 6 months to use it!

My first stop was this waiting room to fill out some paperwork
indicating my preferences and desired outcomes.

I'd never been to Spa Estique before. The only reason I'd even heard of it was due to the fact that slides showing Spa Estique's offerings used to be featured at our local theaters in the pre-film slideshows. They don't show slides anymore. We've gone high-tech now. The little videos they play about local business are more like blockbuster movie trailers these days.

I was told this is a painting of "Angel Wings."
It hangs in the waiting area.

I've only had one massage before. I can't even say how long ago it was. Maybe ten years?  The masseuse was a man who worked out of a back room at my old chiropractor's office. It wasn't fancy, but he was awesome. I'd never felt so energized and relaxed at the same time. I remember wishing my health insurance covered massage, because it was clear that my health improved for weeks to come after that visit. Unfortunately, I was never able to afford a second visit.

The "locker room" for those using the spa, sauna, and rain shower.
Older ladies in fluffy, snow-white bathrobes and head towels.

Thankfully, my children made a second massage experience possible. I'm not sure why they chose Spa Estique--maybe they remembered it from the same slideshows--but I'm happy that they did. It was an amazing experience. It doesn't look like much from the outside, just a typical rural area storefront. When you go inside, it's very much like many of the small shops in our resort community, with shelves artfully displaying handmade soaps and essential oils, and a sweet herbal scent in the air.

The dressing area near the spa, sauna, and rain shower.
My hair was pretty funky after having my scalp massaged with oils, so
they even provided me with a clean comb at the end of my experience!

Once they took me into the back, however, I instantly felt pampered. The staff was amazing, soft-spoken and quick to assist. The decor was a harmonious mixture of elegance and ruggedness, and the resulting ambiance was tranquil and soothing. 

The restroom decor was so creative! I'd never seen a counter top like this one.
Although it was some kind of stone, the rough edges were like a piece of driftwood.

The waiting area featured hot tea, water, and snacks that included fresh fruit and a "salad" of dehydrated fruits, including my favorite, banana chips. (I only ate one!) There were also several artsy, inspiring books scattered around. I was almost disappointed that they didn't make me wait longer so I could enjoy them.

Loved this sink in the restroom!

The Swedish massage itself was incredible. My masseuse was a young woman named Brittany, and I highly recommend her. I told her my goal was simply an hour of relaxation, and she delivered. No idle chitchat, just sixty minutes of the pure sensual pleasure of my muscles loosening and my body unknotting. In the end, I once again enjoyed that amazing sensation of being both relaxed and energized. Now, four hours later, I still feel awesome!

The small hall between the sauna/restroom area and the massage rooms.

After I dressed and walked out of the massage room, I found Brittany waiting for me with a cold glass of lemon water. She escorted me back to the waiting area and invited me to sit and relax as long as I liked. I took the opportunity to peruse one of those artsy books and to play with a rain-stick lying on the divan. (I love rain-sticks; I have one of my own at home and I find the sound very soothing.)

The small hall between the sauna/restroom area and the massage rooms.

I also asked if it was okay to take some pictures. She checked for me and then told me I could wander around and photograph anywhere I liked, except any massage rooms with closed doors, of course. And that's exactly what I did!

The corridor outside the massage rooms featured this fountain.
My massage room was the one just left of the fountain.

My time at Spa Estique was a lovely experience, which I recommend, especially for those who are a bundle of stress like me. In fact, I'm thinking I need to find a way to enjoy the benefits of a full-body massage every six months or so. THANKS to my wonderful children for making today possible!

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