Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Mothers Day

My three reasons for Mother's Day: Sarah, Jacob, and Dylan!
10 May 2015

Our entire family gets together for a nice Sunday dinner every week, and this past Sunday was no exception. However, there were a few elements we added in honor of Mother's Day.

Jacob makes us one of his veggie-packed salads.

We started off with a dinner of Chicken Parmesan, fried potatoes and onions, and a huge salad. Unfortunately, our newly-employed Dylan had to work that evening, so he missed out on this part. We did save some chicken for my vegetable-detesting son for when he got home at 9:00. Of course!

Chicken Parmesan

Fried potatoes and onion

Lining up for dinner, buffet-style: Mark, Sarah, Chris, Danielle, and Jacob.

Mary with an addition to her Willow Tree collection.

After dinner, it was time to open Mother's Day gifts from Sarah and Chris. They gave me a beautiful new Willow Tree figurine for my collection. This one is called "Lots of Love" and she cradles a glittery heart in her hands. I love it! Sarah also gave me a cute little date-book featuring Willow Tree photos.

Jacob and Danielle gave me a rain check for a mysterious gift they found for me in an LDS bookstore in Las Vegas last month. They both assured me that it's "perfect" for me, and they plan to order it online next week. My curiosity is piqued!

Dylan brought me the little orange geranium. The carnation, booklet, and a dark chocolate 
Dove bar (I'd already eaten mine!) were handed out to all the ladies in church.

Each week we gather around the TV to watch one of our favorite programs, Once Upon a Time, and we did the same on this night. We'd been anticipating the 2-hour season finale, which delivered all the twists and turns we've grown to expect! By the time it ended, Dylan was home and we all enjoyed a dessert of cake and ice cream together.

Jacob made me a spice cake chock full of chocolate chips,
with cherry-vanilla frosting.

I'm so grateful to be a mother and to be richly blessed with such wonderful children, both my own three and those who've become my own, including Chris, Danielle, and Ryan and Shera. I am so blessed and I love them all!

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