Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Lunching Ladies

14 July 2015: Mary and Debbie, together again!

At least once every summer my dear friend Debbie and I try to get together for lunch and a visit. Sometimes we even manage two visits during the summer months in one year. You see, Debbie and her husband George live in the Valley, but they are lucky enough to spend their summers here on the mountain where it's much cooler.

Debbie and I actually met 25 years ago, back when I first became a teacher here at the high school. She was an instructional aide in our program and we found we had a lot in common. Before long, she was working on her own teaching degree, and just a few years later she was certified and accepting a position at Mesa High School, where she served as an amazing teacher of special education youths until she retired recently. (I am SO jealous!)

Even though Debbie and George left the mountain something like twenty years ago, we've somehow managed to stay in touch (it is the age of electronic communication, after all). And they had a small trailer in our area where they could escape to the pines every summer, which gave Debbie and me an opportunity to actually get together and do some catching up. (In fact, I've done posts on our annual reunion in the past.)

This year was particularly exciting for Debbie and George, because they'd sold their old trailer and purchased a brand new park model to use as their summer home!

Debbie and George inside their new vacation home.

And so Debbie and I met for lunch at Show Low Cafe at 11:00. Okay, I was fashionably late, as usual, but only by 4 minutes! She enjoyed the soup and salad bar while I noshed on a yummy 3-egg omelet stuffed with spinach, avocado, and bacon.

After we'd eaten and visited for about an hour, we headed over to the new house, whom they have christened "Polly." Apparently they had quite an experience getting "Polly" moved up from the Valley and settled into her new niche, but she's looking good now! They've put lots of work into their new place, including a landing with both steps and ramp, walkways, landscaping, and Debbie's long-dreamed-of white picket fence. Their new vacation home reflects their pride and happiness and hard work.

We were able to enjoy a fun visit until almost 2:00, when I had to leave to pick up Mark from work. We hope to get together again in the next couple of months, before they make their way back to the warm country!

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