Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Birthday Girl at 26

Sarah celebrates her 26th birthday two days early, at Sunday dinner.
October 25, 2015

Twenty-six years ago this evening (October 27th), my sweet Sarah came into the world and changed my life for the happier by transforming me into the greatest thing ever: a mother. At our weekly family dinner on Sunday, we celebrated this milestone with a little family birthday party.

Sarah's stack of gifts tantalized her for hours.

After Chris and Sarah came over, we prepared a meal of chicken Parmesan and a big green salad, two of Sarah's favorite things. Then we ate dinner while watching Once Upon a Time, another of Sarah's favorites (and mine, too).

Chris watches Sarah open the card and gifts from him.

Then it was finally time to open presents! Sarah started with her gifts from her husband. Chris gave her a beautiful butterfly necklace, a gift certificate for a manicure and a pedicure, and a Walking Dead poster. Every Sunday night, Sarah and I plant ourselves in front of the TV to watch The Walking Dead together. We love our zombies! It's one of those sweet mother-daughter bonding moments.

Sarah with an armload of gifts.

The rest of her presents were books and DVDs. Dylan got her a DVD, The Age of Adeline, which she'd seen and loved recently and really wanted.

Jake got her the new Stephenie Meyer book, Life and Death, a re-imagining of Twilight with genders reversed: Bella becomes Beau, Edward becomes Edythe, and Jacob becomes Julie.

From me, she received the DVD Jurassic World and a novel by Jennifer Connelly called Dark Tide, about intrigue and romance in an underwater kingdom of mermaids and mermen. (We also like our fantasy novels.) It wasn't until I'd brought the book home that I realized it's the third book in the Waterfire Saga, which has four books: Deep Blue, Rogue Wave, Dark Tide, and one yet to be released. The series was developed by Disney, so I expect we'll be seeing theatrical versions eventually. Anyway, I told Sarah she could trade the book in for something else she'd like, or keep it and get the first two books. She's like me, in that we don't like to start reading in the middle of a series!

A lovely zombie birthday cake.

At last, it was time for cake and ice cream! Chris and his mom Brenda made the cake, and then Chris brought me black and red icing gels and told me his vision for the birthday cake. Given Sarah's love for The Walking Dead, he wanted to do a "zombie" design on top. You can see the final result above, a zombie girl with the message, "You survived another year. Happy birthday." The cake was yummy and the party was fun. All that was missing were Jacob and Danielle...

An off-key musical birthday wish for Sarah!

Happy birthday, my darling daughter!

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