Sunday, March 6, 2016

We Did Do Valentines

My Valentines Day trove from Dylan and Jake.

Lest you think we ignored Valentine's Day last month, due to the fact that I never posted about it, let me assure you that we did exchange gifts in commemoration of this annual day of romance. I just never got around to blogging it since there were so many busy and stressful things happening in my life last month.

A card and gift from Mark to me.

We didn't do anything in the way of special celebrations or dates or pictures, but there was the usual exchange of chocolaty sweetness that is such a big part of the tradition of Valentine's Day. And I'm very grateful that my family respected the fact that I'm trying to eat healthier by cutting sugar out of my diet. The boys gave me sugar-free candies and Mark gave me a Godiva dark chocolate bar that's 72% cacao and therefore very low in sugar and high in antioxidant flavonoids. 

My gifts to Mark.

While I'm still not sure where my current relationship with Mark is headed, it's nice to celebrate this holiday with someone you love, who loves you back. Expensive gifts and fancy dates aren't necessary when you simply know you care about each other and are comfortable together.

Sugar-free for Sarah and Reese's Hearts for Chris, Dylan, and Jake.

It's not much, but I also remember each of my children with candy on Valentine's Day. This year I did Reese's for the kids here in town, with sugar-free peanut butter cups for Sarah, who has also gone low-carb and is rocking it! When Jacob and Danielle arrived from Utah four days later to attend my sister's wedding, I gave them a small box of candies to share, although it wasn't Reese's.

That's the run-down on the quiet Valentine's Day we shared. I'm so grateful to have such an amazing family to share it with!

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