Wednesday, July 20, 2016


Sweet Sarah at Homestead Crater on Friday, July 15.

Even while we're traveling and taking lots of vacation pictures, Dylan does something I forget to do: he stops to focus on the faces of the individuals we love, the people who truly make the trip a wonderful memory. I've left these pictures out of the previous blog posts in order to keep them as short as possible, but I felt they needed to be featured in their own post, so here they are.

I love these sweet faces!

Dimpled Danielle at Homestead Crater on Friday, July 15.

Sarah at Temple Square on Sunday, July 17.

Jacob in the Conference Center on Sunday, July 17.
Dylan loved Jacob's natural, relaxed smile here, in contrast to
the goofy faces Jacob tends to make when a camera is around!

Dylan's self-portrait with Jake in a Conference Center mirror. 
Sunday, July 17.

Sarah (his sister is one of Dylan's favorite subjects) 
at the Conference Center on Sunday, July 17.

This is my disgruntled face at Carl's Jr. in Salt Lake City on Sunday, July 17.

I wasn't too thrilled when my camera battery died during the Conference Center tour, but I was really unhappy when my cell phone camera also stopped working properly! Luckily, Dylan had his camera to pick up the slack and capture the shots I wanted. Then, while we ate lunch at Carl's Jr., Jake discovered I had a bunch of apps (I have apps?) running in the background, interfering with the camera app. Hence my cranky face at that point. Once Jake had deleted those extra apps, my cell phone camera was fine, which Dylan demonstrated by using it to snap the above picture of his crotchety mom!

And here's three minutes from Friday, July 15, when we opened belated birthday gifts at the resort. And, of course, Pokemon Go, all the rage in today's world, became a part of the moment...

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