Tuesday, September 6, 2016


My dad Myron and stepmom Kathy at home. Dad turned 82 on Sunday.
I got this picture on Sept. 5, 2016, the day after his birthday.

It was a busy weekend. There were two birthdays to celebrate; we enjoyed an unexpected visitor; and we had a great Labor Day barbecue!

In my immediate family growing up, there were three of us born in September: me on the 1st, my dad on the 4th, and my mom on the 29th. Mom has been gone since April 2002, but Dad is still hale and hearty. So, of course, I can't have a birthday without remembering that his special day falls just three days after mine.

You may recall that my birthday celebration ended up being a three-part affair, with a small, impromptu party the Sunday before my birthday, dinner together at our favorite Mexican restaurant on my actual birthday, and then plans for homemade cheesecake and ice cream on the Sunday after my birthday, which happened to also be my dad's birthday. 

Naturally, I called to invite him to join us for dinner and dessert, but he never answered his phone. I thought he must really be partying hardy with his friends all evening! He finally called me around 9:00, when our party was winding down. Turns out he'd shut off his cell phone at church that morning and forgot to turn it back on until almost bedtime!

We finally got to stop by and visit him the next day for an hour and a half after our Labor Day barbecue. I brought him a birthday card and a small ice cream cake, since he missed out on my homemade stuff. He does love his ice cream!

Sarah, Dylan, Jake, and cousin Savannah play a rousing game of Phase 10.
Chris wasn't able to join us since he had to work.
Sunday, September 4, 2016.

On Sunday, we got an unexpected visit from my lovely niece Savannah, who drove here all the way from the Valley to join the party. It wasn't entirely unexpected, since I'd teasingly asked her on Saturday, on Facebook, when she was coming back to the mountain. She said she was considering Sunday dinner. I wasn't sure if she was serious, but I said, "Great! See you when you get here!" I'm open for a visit from my amazing family members any time, anywhere! Maybe she was kidding, I thought, but I hoped to see her at my door.

More Phase 10 monkey-business with Jake, Savannah, Sarah, and Dylan.

To everyone's delight, she made it in time for the fun! Savannah and Jake have the same, shall we say, "twisted" sense of humor, and Savannah and I can talk for hours (literally) about everything. And she brought me a big, beautiful, colorful bouquet!

My bouquet from Savannah.

The cheesecake turned out perfectly.

And the homemade strawberry ice cream was absolutely to-die-for!

My multi-day birthday party finally drew to a close, but it was very pleasant with good food, good people, and good fun. However, as if that weren't enough, Chris had called me that afternoon and invited us to a Labor Day barbecue the next day. We accepted!

Chris donned the doggy chef's apron I'd given him
last Christmas, and he grilled us up some yummy chicken.

Chris and Sarah live next-door to Chris's mom, Brenda, and together they all put on a really nice barbecue. It was a great way to end the long weekend, and the food was outstanding! Thanks for allowing us to join you, Brenda, Chris, and Sarah!

A delicious spread for our Labor Day barbecue.

Sarah and her dad, Mark, enjoy dinner al fresco.

Mark, Chris, and Brenda. It's so humorous to take pictures of people chewing!

Sarah brought their baby, Frodo, out to join the barbecue.

 Jake looks on while Dylan cuddles Frodo.

Dylan says this video is too boring. Perhaps. But I think sometimes the best part is listening to the people talking while they think the camera is focused on something else, like an adorable guinea pig!

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