Saturday, December 10, 2016

A New Mattress

Mountain Mattress is one of our local stores here in the White Mountains.

Since moving back in with us more than nineteen months ago, Mark has slept on the floor, the couch, a variety of air mattresses, and finally the bottom half of our boys' old bunk beds. That includes the thin little children's mattresses that came with the bunk beds, which have been worn even thinner over the years that our sons slept on them, from childhood.

A few weeks ago, Mark (who isn't much of a complainer) began complaining that his mattress was uncomfortable and didn't provide enough support for his back. He broached the idea of buying a new mattress, but I told him mattresses could be expensive. Where would he find the money? Then, as luck would have it, he suddenly received some checks from his father's estate that we were beginning to think would never be released. I still didn't think it would be enough money, but he suggested stopping by Mountain Mattress after I picked him up from work yesterday.

The store is chock full of unique bedroom sets in a variety of rustic styles. 

I was amazed. First, I was surprised to learn that Mark could get a decent twin mattress and box spring for only $129. Second, I had no idea what a treasure Mountain Mattress is! I have driven past that store hundreds of times over the years and thought it was only a tiny mattress factory. Instead, I discovered that it was full of beautiful rustic furniture that I instantly fell in love with.

Mark checks out this bedroom set.

Although I'm not currently in the market for any new furniture, and I'm extremely happy with my old bedroom set which includes the world's most comfortable king-size mattress, I will nonetheless keep this place in mind. You see, I have long-term goals. I expect to finish writing my novel within six months of retiring in June. Someday, after my book is published, I'd like to buy a roomier house. Not huge, just more space for family to come and stay whenever they like. And more storage. And a garage. And paved roads and a paved driveway.

In that house, I plan to have a living room and a family room. The family room will be a "Magic Room" to share with family and my closest friends. I will fill it with whimsical memorabilia related to the fantasy stories I love to both read and write: wands, wizard staffs, dragons, faerie folk, elves, castles, the One Ring, a Marauders Map on the wall, books of magic on the shelves, fanciful Elvish-inspired furniture, and so on.

The living room, however, will be representative of our mountains in the Southwest. Rustic furniture and decor influenced by both Native American and Cowboy artistry will be featured. I actually began collecting those types of furnishings when we first moved here twenty-seven years ago, and I'm always looking to add to my Buffalo-dancer kachina, rabbit-fur-lined cradle-board, wood-carved black bear, and other mountain-folk items.

The staff at Mountain Mattress was warm, friendly, humorous, and helpful. When I think of them, I remember their big smiles and their laughter. No pressure at all. As we left the store, I told them there was a good chance I'd be back someday. Hopefully in the not-too-distant future. After my book makes me rich and famous. Or at least debt-free with a slightly nicer house.

They had more than beds available, too, including couches, recliners, and
dining room tables like this one that I thought was very, very cool!

By the time we'd left the store on Friday, we'd made up our minds to return the next day so Mark could purchase a nice, firm mattress. And that's what we did today, just as soon as he got off work. We hauled the mattresses home and he reassembled his "new" bed, including a crisp, new set of sheets he bought for himself when we went Christmas shopping later today.

I'm very partial to black bear carvings. Even the prices on their little sculptures
were quite reasonable compared to what other stores in our area charge.

While Mark was paying for his mattresses, I spied these adorable coasters
and just had to have them for my living room. It was love at first sight!

As you can see, they have more than bear carvings!
This huge bear was taken on Kodiak Island, Alaska, in 1959.
This is the sight that greets you right as you walk in the front door.

Mark helps the guy get the mattress into the back of my car.

They got both mattresses inside. It was a tight squeeze, but they were in!

Out with the old and on to the new!

Once the mattresses were home and Mark had hauled them inside, he spent some time making the switch and dragging the old mattresses out of the house. Eventually I went into his room to check it out, and I immediately burst out laughing. The mattresses are now taller than the head- and foot-boards! In fact, the new box-spring alone is the same height as both the old mattress and box-spring were together!

And how does he like it? He reports that it's a huge improvement. Far more firm and springy. Now we'll see how much better he sleeps tonight!

Obviously the new linens were put on by a typical man...
If I'd done it, the lines would be crisp and straight with military corners!

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