Thursday, February 16, 2017

All My Valentines

The Yummies of Valentine's Day 2017!

I meant to post this a little closer to, you know, Valentine's Day. Unfortunately, the card reader on my computer decided to stop working when I tried to download these pictures from my memory card. Dylan and Jake came over and spent a couple of hours trying to figure out the problem, but no luck. According to my computer, no card reader even exists in my desktop's little world!

So Dylan and Jake joined us for dinner after they declared my "ancient" computer hopeless (I think I bought it almost eight years ago, which is about eighty in computer years), and today I reverted to downloading my photos using a cable direct from the camera to the hard drive, like in the olden days. 

Anyway, Valentine's Day was, thankfully, a low-tech and low-stress event around our house. All the kids came for Sunday dinner and exchanged goodies. Mark bought cute sucker "bouquets" for each of the kids, and even sent one to Jacob when he was in the Phoenix area last week to see his friend Sean, who'd recently had his first baby. Or, rather, Sean's wife did. Dylan and Jake got to take time off to spend three days with Jacob at our Phoenix resort, but I couldn't get away from my responsibilities. It was so sad to have Jacob just three hours away and not get to see him!

As for me, I got each of the kids a small box of candies, as I do every year, and each of the kids got a small box of candies for Mark and me. The two smaller boxes in the top photo were the ones Sarah and Dylan gave me. I thought it was sweet that they both chose roses. I gave Mark the big heart box of Hershey's "Pot of Gold" candies, and he gave me the cute little teddy bear.

There's something about that greasy Chinese food...

The actual Valentine's Day fell on a Tuesday this year, of course, so I went off to work while Mark spent the day at home, what with Tuesday and Wednesday being his days off and all. He sent me a very sweet text at school to wish me a happy Valentine's Day. After I got home, we went to dinner at our favorite Chinese restaurant, China Wok, and left an hour later feeling uncomfortably stuffed, as always. It is so yummy!

No, there were no fireworks and there's no great romance, but my life is nonetheless richly blessed. I feel so privileged to spend my life with people who love me and treat me like I matter to them. My sweet children are the light of my world, always there for me when I need them, and even Mark blesses us with his patience, kindness, quirky sense of humor, and upbeat attitude. And those are the things that speak love to our hearts.

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