Monday, January 18, 2010

HCG and Me

Today I am officially launching a new blog:

After seeing my success (so far) on the hCG diet, many people have expressed interest in learning more about it.  I'm thrilled to share my journey with them, but there is just so much to explain.  At first I referred people to my current blog, Melethwen's Memories, telling them to type "hcg" into the blog search at the top of the page, but I finally realized it made better sense to start a new blog dedicated solely to my hCG experience.

I've been working on the new blog all week, and now she's ready for her maiden voyage!  I'd be happy if you'd all stop in to check her out.  (A link is also provided in the Blogger Buddies section in the left column.)

Actually, the posts on the new blog are posts I already published here on Melethwen's Memories.  They've been re-edited to fit the new blog's format, with some photos removed or replaced or resized.  In very few instances, paragraphs have been expanded upon or shortened to be more clear for readers who don't know me.

I also put new tunes on HCG and Me.  I tried to find music to pump us up and inspire us to never give up, to keep working at improving ourselves: "Eye of the Tiger" by Survivor; the Rocky theme "Gonna Fly Now"; "Reflection" from Mulan (as in "When will my reflection show who I truly am?"); "I'll Make a Man Out of You,"  sung by Donny Osmond; and my personal favorite, "Go the Distance" from Hercules, sung by Michael Bolton (that man can croon in my ear any time, mmmm!).

If you are a regular visitor to Melethwen's Memories, the information on this new blog will mostly be old news to you.  However, I hope you will refer anyone you know who is struggling to lose weight and finding the usual methods to be ineffective.  I'd like to share my journey to weight loss and better health with anyone who is searching for answers.

I will continue to post here about our hCG experiences, as well as on the new blog, but for those whose interest is solely in the diet, HCG and Me is the way to go!  Welcome!

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