Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Concert Night

Chris presents Sarah with a bouquet after the concert.

Earlier this month (March 5th), we enjoyed another of Sarah's concerts with the White Mountain Symphony Orchestra.  This one was kind of special because it was the first one her fiancé Chris was able to attend. 

Sarah chats with her friend Brandy after returning from intermission.

Ed and I actually missed the first two numbers because we arrived late.  We had also attended the temple with my nephew Marcus earlier that evening, and went directly to the concert following the temple session.  Luckily the concert was held at the Performing Arts Center in Snowflake, just a few miles from the temple.

Ed and Chris enjoy the concert.

It was fun to be there with Chris.  He's quite proud of Sarah's musical ability.

Chris and Sarah, Keith and Brandy right after the concert.

Another highlight for Sarah was having her friend Brandy back in the symphony orchestra after Brandy took a year-long time out.  Sarah and Brandy have literally been best friends since they met in kindergarten, and they've shared a passion for their violins since fourth grade.

Sarah with Chris and Chris's mom, Brenda.

The night of the concert was also our first opportunity to meet Chris's mom, Brenda, who had come to watch the concert with him.

Sarah and Chris, Mary and Ed, ready to head home at the end of the evening.

It was another wonderful, musical night, with more soon to come!

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