Monday, March 28, 2011

Happy Birthday, Chris!

Sarah and Chris celebrate together.

We have a new birthday to celebrate in our family!  Today, Sarah's fiance Chris celebrated his 33rd birthday.

Chris's mom, Brenda, made this gigantic ice cream cake herself!

We actually started the celebration a day early.  Yesterday his parents invited us to their home to participate in Chris's birthday party.

Chris with his step-dad Bruce and his mom, Brenda.

We had a great time, as you will see.  What a nice family Chris comes from!  They made us feel welcomed as if we were already part of the family.  They truly seem to love Sarah like their own, too.

Sarah joins the picture.

We began the party with lemonade on the back patio.  Their home is in a wooded area at the top of a hill, and the sound of the wind in the pines high overhead was soooo relaxing.  One of my favorite sounds in the whole world.

Ed and Dylan compete in a game of horseshoes.

I didn't even realize when we arrived that we were also invited for dinner.  While Chris's step-dad, Bruce, grilled the burgers and sausages, I watched everyone else pass the time with some outdoor games.

The guys played several rounds of horseshoes. Dylan started strong and it appeared he would walk away with the win, but Ed made a strong finish, triumphing by one point.

Chris demonstrates the art of "Ringer" while Sarah watches.

Meanwhile, a few steps away, Chris and his 7-year-old niece Morgan were teaching Sarah how to play a family game called Ringer.  The object is to get points by throwing metal rings into one of three small holes on a ramp box.  Chris's grandfather built the boxes for the game.

Chris and Morgan go head-to-head.

Soon dinner was ready, and we gathered indoors for a yummy meal of barbecued sandwiches, beans, chips, and salads.  And more lemonade, mmmm!

Feasting at the table are Chris's sister, Dylan, Sarah, Chris, and Morgan with her back to us.

Ed and Mary ate way too much!

Mary, Sarah, and Dylan at the birthday bash.

After dinner, the cake was sliced and served up while Chris popped a series of ballons for the clues hidden inside, which led him to his gifts secreted away throughout the house. 

Chris, Morgan, and Sarah seem to be debating the best method of unveiling his gifts.

Chris quickly unwrapped his gifts and was clearly pleased with each one.  However, his favorite appeared to be the bow hunting video game Sarah had selected for him.

Chris tries out some virtual bow hunting!

With the gifts all opened, we adjourned to the living room, where I'm sure we were all of great assistance to Chris with our myriad, helpful suggestions (not!) while he figured out how to play his new game.

Thanks so much to Chris and his family for inviting us to join in the fun!  Chris, we hope your special day was everything you could hope for!

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