Thursday, December 22, 2011

'Tis the Season

22 Dec 2011: Today's continuous snowfall.

It has been snowing heavily all day.  It's supposed to snow another 6 to 10 inches tonight and 2 to 4 inches more tomorrow.  Looks like it's going to be a white Christmas!

22 Dec 2011: A freshly cleaned living room...aaah!

Did you know that today was the "darkest" (aka "shortest") day of the year?  Tomorrow our daylight hours will gradually begin to lengthen again.  I spent the day cleaning house, but I didn't mind.  Our little home seems extra warm and cozy when it's snowing outside and there's a Christmas tree inside.

It's just one of the many things I love about the Christmas season.

I love watching the pile of gifts grow under the Christmas tree as we get them wrapped or the UPS driver leaves packages on the front porch.

3 Dec 2011:  On the highway heading home.

It's crazy, I know, but I love the cold weather and the snow.  I love how fresh snow sparkles when the sun comes out, and I love how the trees look like they've been dusted with powdered sugar.

10 Dec 2011: A view of our area from Porter Mountain.

I love living in the mountains, surrounded by forests.  When we went to cut our own Christmas tree, Ed chose to take the scenic route, which led us to the top of Porter Mountain and the spectacular view below.

3 Dec 2011: The ward Christmas party was well-attended despite 2 feet of snow outside.

I love attending the ward Christmas party each year, seeing our friends from church and enjoying good food, music, and family fun.

The ward Christmas party wouldn't be complete without the Nativity performed, with song and scripture, by the adorable Primary children.

3 Dec 2011: my son Dylan is the 7th young man from the left,
joining in a performance of "Believe" from The Polar Express.

A song performed by the Young Men and Young Women (youth ages 12-18) is also a must!

I love the big Christmas concerts that are important events for our family at this time of year.  Dylan performed on bass with his junior high orchestra, and Sarah continues to perform with White Mountain Symphony Orchestra.  I never miss any of their concerts, but the Christmas ones are extra-special. 

6 Dec 2011: Dylan on bass at his Christmas concert.

10 Dec 2011: White Mountain Symphony Orchestra in concert.

14 Dec 2011:  Our church youth return from caroling.

This year I loved being involved with the Christmas activities for the youth of our ward.  In fact, my Beehives (the 12- and 13-year-old girls) were in charge of the caroling activity last week.  We had more than 30 participants and lots of fun.

While the kids were driving from home to home, singing their chilly hearts out, my advisor Gina and I stayed at the church to prepare hot cocoa and treats for their return.

By the time the youth returned, they were ready for a hot drink to warm them up!  They also had fun making pretzel snowmen like the ones in the picture above.  (I think the two on the right look like the Blues Brothers.)

15 dec 2011: My first period class brought enough food to feed a small army!

Finally, I love the end-of-the-semester parties in my classes as the year comes to a close and both teachers and students look forward to a 2-week break from school!

'Tis the season, and I love it!

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