Sunday, October 28, 2012


27 Oct 2012: Sarah opens her birthday presents
while her little brother Dylan (age 15) looks on.

Yesterday my little girl, my firstborn, celebrated her 23rd birthday.  Where does the time go?
Sarah's husband Chris loads the cake up with candles after they arrive.
It was kind of a busy day.  I started with laundry and dishes and giving the kitchen a good cleaning before going grocery shopping.  Chris had to work until 2:00.  So we invited them to come over at 3:00 for a little family party.
Sarah's birthday cake, baked and decorated by Chris and his mom, Brenda.
After we visited for awhile, Sarah opened her cards and gifts.  She received two gift cards, as well as a DVD (from Ed and me) and the new album by David Archuleta (from Dylan).  Chris also planned to give her flowers and a massage later (he is a certified massage therapist).
27 Oct 2012: Sarah prepares to blow out her candles.
We thought we might have to call the fire marshall for all the flames!
Once the gifts had been opened, we enjoyed chocolate cake and cookie dough ice cream.  It was great to be together and celebrate that evening 23 years ago, when sweet Sarah came into our lives. 
Happy birthday, my darling daughter!

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