Sunday, November 11, 2012

First Snow, Second Snow

Friday night was wild and windy, the kind of wind that sounds like it's going to rip the roof off.  Some light snow had been predicted, so I expected to wake up to a couple of inches of the white stuff.
It was almost disappointing to go outside Saturday morning and find less than an inch, already beginning to melt in the sun.  Not warm sunlight, no.  It was quite chilly all day, but those sun rays still managed to melt off most of the snow by late afternoon.
Saturday, 10 Nov 2012: Our front yard and my car in the driveway.
According to the National Weather Service, the chance for snow had decreased, so I really did not expect more snow for the weekend.  The wind had continued to roar all day yesterday, but the night was calm and quiet.
So it was a surprise to wake up to 2 more inches this morning:
Sunday, 11 Nov 2012
Why am I watching the weather so closely?  This is why:
11 Oct 2012: Elder Jacob Carter at the Oakland Temple in Oakland, California,
with his mission president and wife, Rene and Kathie Alba.

My missionary son, Jacob, comes home from his 2-year church mission tomorrow!  His flight arrives at Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix at 12:45 on Monday afternoon, which means we have a 4-hour drive to make on Monday morning. 
This time of year, I'm a little nervous about the weather conditions on our mountain.  I didn't want anything, including a snowstorm, to keep us from making that so-important trip to collect my boy!  

11 Oct 2012: Elder Jacob Carter (age 21) and buddy, Elder Kunz.
As it turns out, the storm has passed and sunshine is projected for the remainder of the week.  The nighttime lows are supposed to be in the teens for the next two nights, but then it should come up to the twenties.  The daytime temps are supposed to be in the "balmy" fifties.  Very nice for Jacob's first week back home!
So tomorrow we will be on the road, soon to be reunited with our beloved brother and son!

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