Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A White Christmas

Snowfall on Christmas Eve

There was already snow on the ground from a 4-day storm (Dec. 13-17), but it was still nice to have a brief but solid snowfall early on Christmas Eve.  Somehow it just makes Christmas feel that much more cozy.

The stockings are filled and the gifts are under the tree on Christmas Eve.

Last year we had only 3 stockings: Dylan's, Ed's, and mine.  The nest really felt empty with Jacob serving his mission in northern California and newlywed Sarah in her own home with new hubby Chris.
In the 6 weeks before Christmas this year, our nestlings doubled!  Jacob returned from his 2-year mission on November 12th.  On December 15th, Chris and Sarah moved into our fifth-wheel trailer while they are between residences.  That made 6 stockings to fill! 

Waiting to open gifts on Christmas morning: Chris, Sarah, Jacob, and Dylan.

Chris and Sarah are only with us temporarily, but I still loved having all of my children back under the same roof for Christmas!  Everything is so much more fun when the whole family is together.

Christmas morning: Sarah (age 23), Chris (age 34), Jacob (age 21), and Dylan (age 15).

Dylan tries out his new remote-control helicopter (the green thing just above eye level).
All 4 of the guys got helicopters for Christmas.

Ed's mom, Caryl (age 77), opens her gifts.

I always make everyone gather up and display their gifts so I can take pictures of them.  It's odd, I know, but I love looking back at old Christmas pictures and thinking, "Oh, yeah, I remember when I got that gift from so-and-so!" 

Dylan with his gifts.

Jacob with his gifts.

Sarah's gifts.  She was too sick to pose with them. 
Poor thing came down with a nasty cold on Christmas Eve.
She spent Christmas Day coughing and huddling under a blanket on the couch.

Chris with his gifts.

Ed wins the prize for most gifts this year!
He made out like a bandit!

My gifts.  I am so excited to use my new digital camcorder!
Expect to see more Reynolds/Carter family stuff on YouTube!

We are so richly blessed.  The gifts we all received were fun to share, but our real wealth is in family and friends and the gospel of Jesus Christ!  May God bless each of you with the priceless gifts of love and joy throughout the coming year!

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