Thursday, April 24, 2014

Prom 2014

Masked revelers at Prom

There are 3 reasons I volunteer to chaperone at Prom every year. 1) The girls' dresses. 2) The decorations. 3) The food.
Maybe I'm living the Prom life vicariously through my students because I never went to my own high school Prom (my boyfriend didn't believe in such things), but it doesn't matter why. I simply love being there!
Here are some scenes from this year's Prom.

Dylan's good friend Brandon (a frequent guest in our home)
with his date Kenzie. Adorable!

Our principal Eric Harmon and his wife Kim
get their Prom pictures taken before the crowds arrive.
That's Kim's grandmother's dress she's wearing!

Lines begin to form for the photographer.

The Royalty voting table was manned by Kurt and Sherri Kerr.
He teaches science and she teaches math at the high school.

The seniors and juniors gave a lot of thought to their votes
for Prom King and Queen, Prince and Princess.

Naturally, the big attraction of the night was the dance floor and very loud music.

The Prom entrance, 1920's style.
I think the theme was "Black Ties and Glitzy Skies."

The tables and chairs await the Prom-goers.

The refreshments table featured a chocolate fountain.
I loved this beverage stand.
(And you can't spike the punch if there's no punch bowl.)

Lemon bars, brownies, and cream puffs.

The refreshments were delicious.
And here I am, before leaving for Prom.
That was Sarah's Prom dress in 2008, her senior year.
It gets taken out and dusted off once a year!

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Grandma Honey said...

This was a fun post. I too enjoy seeing what everyone was wearing!