Thursday, April 9, 2015

Easter Blessings

Dylan's basket was filled by the Easter Bunny.
April 5, 2015.

Easter keeps changing as my kids grow up, get married, and move away. Now that it's just Dylan and me, Easter is both simpler and cheaper! But the meaning of this holy holiday remains and we are still blessed to celebrate together, as a family.

Chocolate bunnies for Sarah, Jacob, and Danielle, and
Olaf jelly beans for Chris!

One of the best things about Easter 2015 is that it coincided with General Conference, a twice-yearly broadcast of music from the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and speakers from our general authorities, including our prophet Thomas S. Monson, the Apostles, and other church leaders. There are two 2-hour general sessions during the day on Saturday, as well as a priesthood session on Saturday evening, and then two more sessions Sunday morning and afternoon.

Elder Russell M. Nelson of the Twelve Apostles speaks in the final session on Sunday.

I look forward to General Conference the first weekend in April and October, every year. It's uplifting in a way that almost nothing else is. For me, the only things that really compare are attending the temple and those times when certain music seems to pour right into my heart. There is always at least one message, and usually several, that seem to be just for me, addressing an issue I'm struggling with or strengthening a weakness I've prayed to overcome.

The Mormon Tabernacle Choir sings a closing hymn.

And to have General Conference in my home on Easter just made it all the more special, a reminder that Easter is all about the life, sacrifice, and resurrection of our perfect Savior and a celebration of His gospel. We can never hear that message of hope too often!

A 10-pound ham ($20, gasp!) and green bean casserole.

Jacob had to work on Sunday, but he got off at 4:00 and was able to join us in preparing and eating a nice Easter dinner. Meanwhile, Danielle came over before 9:00 to watch conference with me, and awhile later we were joined by Sarah and Chris.

Dinner rolls ready for the oven.

After Jacob got here, all five of the kids and their dogs--Chris and Sarah's Diego and Jacob and Dani's Lucky--spent an hour hiking together along the Mogollon Rim Trail, a favorite for our family. While they were gone, I got dinner started, and when they returned they jumped in and helped move things along. Jacob is our expert ham slicer and potato masher, and Dylan makes a mean pitcher of Crystal Light. Sarah did a beautiful job on the rolls.

Perfect dinner rolls!

Rolls, buttered corn, and gravy.

A big pot of potatoes boiling for mashed potatoes.

We were just about to sit down to dinner when the kids' dad called around 6:30, so we took out 15 minutes to visit with him. Then we were ready to dig in. Dinner with my crazy crew is never a dull moment!

Dylan gives Jacob some "bunny ears" with a slice of ham.

Dylan, stop playing with your food!

In the other picture, Jacob has food hanging out of his mouth and 
Danielle is giving him the well-known wifely evil eye!

Easter is a good time to reflect on what matters most in our lives. Speaking for our family, we are so grateful for Jesus Christ and His perfect example of love, and for the gift of His life. And we are so thankful for each other and the love we all share! Hope your Easter was grand, too!

The "old" married couple (3 years) gives us uncontroversial smiles!

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Family and Easter and General Conference plus good food…it's all the best!