Saturday, April 18, 2015

Prom 2015

Dylan and his Prom date, Mary, after arriving at Prom.
On the left is Mary's brother Jim, and on the right is Dylan and Mary's friend, Justice.
April 11, 2015 

A week ago was Blue Ridge High School's Junior-Senior Prom. When you have a son or daughter going to Prom, it always makes for an interesting day!

I started the day as I do most Saturdays: cleaning house and doing laundry. I did get out for a few minutes when Dylan and I went to pick up his date's corsage.

The Prom scene from Cinderella.

Around 1:30, Dylan and Mary went to see the new film version of Cinderella. That seems appropriate, because the ball where the Prince and Cinderella meet seems like one big, really fancy Prom! Take, for instance, all the jealous girls eyeing with envy the most beautiful, graceful girl in the room. It's high school drama at its best!

Dylan makes gooey pizza dough.

After the movie, Dylan and Mary came back to our place, and they had one extra person in tow. They had run into their friend, Justice, who'd bought a Prom ticket but then decided not to go. They convinced him to go with them and just have a good time together. I love that my kids are always ready to welcome more people into their circle of friends and fun.

They all had a hilarious time making a pizza from scratch, and managed to do it without totally destroying the kitchen. I didn't stay to sample their finished product, but when I called Dylan later he told me it was "Amazing!"

Dylan, Justice, and Mary play some "Guitar Hero" while the pizza bakes.

Once they had their pizza in the oven, it was nearly 5:00. I said farewell to the kids and headed uphill to the WorldMark Pinetop Resort, where Chris and Sarah were spending a leisurely weekend "stay-cation," to have dinner with them in their condo.

Chris and Sarah's unit was in this building, upstairs on the right.

Loved this sculpture in front of their building.

Chris grilled up some steaks on the balcony.

Sarah made a yummy green salad.

Some mashed potatoes rounded out our delicious dinner in the pines!

I was able to stay and visit for a short time after dinner, but at 6:30 I had to head back home to get ready to chaperon Prom. Prom starts at 8:00, but I like to arrive a bit early to take pictures before the place is packed with energetic young people.

Mary blinked in this picture...

...and Dylan blinked in this one! I can't win.

Justice, Jim, Mary, Dylan, and Mom Mary.

Dylan and his crew arrived fashionably late, around 8:30. I met them outside for pictures, in order to avoid embarrassing them inside where the crowds were.

This year, Prom was held in the local Auto Mall, at one of the Tate's showrooms there. I couldn't imagine how such an unusual venue would play out, but it turned out to be both interesting and odd.

The Prom pictures in a service bay with tires on racks was definitely odd.
Our Prom theme this year was "Bella Verona."

I heard that Tate's closed their shop down for that entire day so Student Council would have time to decorate and set up. They moved something like 150 cars to make room for the event. I'm impressed. (I also bought my last three vehicles from Tate's!)

Arriving students were greeted by staff members,
Mrs. Slaughter (social studies) and Mrs. Stidham (guidance counselor).

The food was simply glorious, even in a auto dealership!

The pictures make me drool all over again!

The Italian Soda Bar was highly popular. 
They served over 1,000 drinks to slightly less than 200 students!
I tried the English Toffee flavor, and it was amazing!

This fancy water fountain was also very popular all night.

At the Prom Royalty table, the teens voted for Prom King and Queen
and Prince and Princess by placing a stone in the glasses of their choices.

The polished dance floor before Prom began. Later it was packed,
wall-to-wall, with enthusiastic dancers. 

The Italian-style decor was stunning.

Tables where the kids could take a break and visit, 
enjoy their refreshments, and watch the dancing.

I got a few action shots of my son from afar.
Here, Mary and Dylan show their dance moves on the sidelines.

Visiting with Dylan's friend Kenzie (in vivid pink) and her date.
Dylan and Kenzie went to Morp together last month.

The dances the kids seem to enjoy most are the line dances.
I think this one was the "Wobble."

As a chaperon, these are the dances I most enjoy watching, too.
Mary struts her stuff at the right.

As a high school teacher, I chaperon lots of events, but I admit that Prom is my favorite. It's kind of magical, even for an old gal like me. Maybe it's because I never went to my own Prom back in the Dark Ages, but it's fun to be a part of it and see the kids having a great time, and it's even more memorable when one of those kids is my own!

Dylan, Kenzie, and her date at right, staying on the sidelines for this number.
Dylan claimed he didn't know the "Wobble"!

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