Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Denny's Date Night

Pretty pink sky behind the Denny's sign.

I didn't feel like cooking tonight, so I decided Mark and I would go out to dinner. And what better place than Denny's, where Mark is now employed? We could give our business to the place providing his paychecks (soon, anyway), and it was also a good excuse to blog about it...

Mark's place of business.

Love these pictures scattered around the restaurant's walls,
showing scenes from Show Low's early years.

All brightly lit inside. We arrived around 7:45 when it was dusk-ish.

The corner where we were seated. By 8:00 it wasn't too busy.

Mark works behind that door on the right, not far from our booth.

Mary checks out the menu. I ordered fish and chips, which was quite good.

Mark ordered chicken strips with double fries. Our young waitress, Bridget, was perky and delightful. She knew Mark from working with him and gave us special attention. We were SO stuffed by the time we were done. And yet...we still found room for dessert!

After dinner we ordered the cookies and cream mega-sundae.
We asked for two spoons and, I swear, I ate less than a quarter of it!
It was yummy!

I'd had to drive Dylan to work so we could use the car to go out, so at 9:00 he had to be picked up. We went straight to Walmart from dinner and picked up a few things while we waited for Dylan to get off. All three of our kids were working tonight, which is always fun. We saw Sarah in customer service, where she was finally officially promoted last week, with pay raise. We saw Jacob hard at work preparing his area (domestics) for tomorrow's big inventory with all the other department managers, and he took out a moment to show us where to find the shower rods.

And then there's Dylan, who joined us after he clocked out. When I asked him to find some cucumbers for me, he told me, "I can't, Mom, I'm off the clock." When we were checking out and I told him to put the bags in the cart, he said, "I'm not allowed to, Mom, I'm off the clock." Such a funny guy. At least, he thinks he is!

I don't know why Dylan took this picture of me as I was backing out of my parking space!

So our nice little dinner date turned into some family fun. Life doesn't get much better than this!

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