Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Emmi's Baby Shower

Autumn, Sarah, Tahna, and Sam point to Emmi and Baby Millie.

Saturday was a very busy day for our family, 
and it all started with a baby shower.

Long-time friends: Autumn, Sarah, Emmi, Tahna, and Sam.
Sarah, Tahna, and Emmi all got married during a 5-week period in 2011.
Autumn is marrying her sweetheart next month.

One of Sarah's bestest friends since junior high, Emmi, is expecting her first child in about 7 weeks (although you'd never know it to look at her!), and we had the pleasure of spending a couple of hours celebrating with her. 

The Invitation

Emmi has her guests guess how many Skittles are in the jar.
I guessed too many by only 19!

I did much better on the second fact, I won! A roll of toilet paper was passed around the room and we were to tear off a long enough piece to fit perfectly around Emmi's tummy. There were a few people who were off by only one toilet paper square, but I was only short by less than half of a square, about two inches!

On a funny side note, I've only played this game once before, at my niece Amber's baby shower several years ago. I won that time, too, with my guess circling her belly at the exactly right length. It must be due to that natural spatial awareness that comes with being artistic.

My winnings. It's so hard to stay on my diet!

Emmi and Hal know they're having a girl, and they've already chosen her name: Millie.

Of course, there was lots of good food on hand...

...and lots of beautiful desserts. The cupcakes were made by Emmi's Aunt Dina.

I love the tiny name plaques identifying the foods! It was all delicious!

And, naturally, it wouldn't be a party without friends and family to share the day!

Sarah did what she loves best! This is Tahna's little girl Natalie,
who was the first baby born in our local hospital after midnight on New Year's Eve.

While Emmi opened gifts, Tahna sat beside her and wrote down which gifts came from whom. Meanwhile, Sarah entertained Tahna's 5-month-old daughter, Natalie. Halfway through the gift opening, Emmi commented, "Natalie has been so good for such a long time."

Tahna replied, "Of course, because Sarah is holding her."

Emmi agreed, "That's right, the Baby Whisperer." That's my Sarah!

Let's not forget, there was a hug pile of gifts to be opened!

Emmi holds up the little outfit I brought for Millie.

A beautiful handmade baby quilt from Emmi's mother-in-law.

Emmi adored this next gift of tiny pink sneakers...

...of the same style as Emmi loves to wear!

It was an awesome shower! I'm so glad we got to be a part of it!

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