Sunday, September 6, 2015

Another Year Wiser

This is me celebrating my 61st birthday.

Last year we had a big blast for my 60th birthday. That is, after all, an important milestone. This year, I told my kids we didn't need to do much, since turning 61 isn't such a big deal. I suggested we just get together for some ice cream and cake. We could skip gifts this year.

Bless my children's pointed little heads, they had their own ideas, and it definitely included the giving of gifts.

Above: If you lean your head to the right, you can watch my insane family sing their crazed version of "Happy Birthday to You." Someday we'll learn to turn the camera the correct way when filming...

My actual birthday, September 1st, fell on Tuesday this year. However, Sarah had to work until 11:00 that night and Dylan had to work until 10:00. So we gathered at 8:00 on Monday evening instead, as soon as Sarah got off work. Jacob and Danielle provided the beautiful cake, while Chris and Sarah brought the ice cream, including my personal favorite, rocky road.

But we began the evening with a big stack of cards and gifts...

It began with Mark giving me a sweet card and a pair of spider web earrings...
complete with black, bejeweled spiders!

Nothing says LOVE quite like spiders from your ex... But I love them!
The kids said Mark was worried about having enough money to get me something nice,
but I really do enjoy humorous, off-the-wall gifts that say you care!

Next: a 5-headed dragon (hydra) from Dylan. A pocket for incense in the
dragons' butt causes smoke to come out of the dragons' mouths and nostrils.

Later, Dylan gets the dragon set up to start smoking. See below.

A short clip of the smoke-breathing dragons when Dylan first got it going. The longer the incense burned, the more came out of all the dragon's heads.

Then Sarah and Chris added to my Willow Tree collection with this figurine called "Shine."
It's a new style for Susan Lordi, with the blue shade at the hem and the golden rivets.
The funny thing is, I saw this piece at the Book Barn and loved it so much
that I was tempted to drop a hint to Sarah. I didn't ever drop the hint,
but she knew I'd love it anyway. That's my girl!


Dylan's friend Jake, who's been staying with us, gave me this gorgeous
white crystal necklace.


And, finally, Jacob and Danielle gave me this fountain featuring a dragon 
resting atop a castle. I do have a collection of castles and a few dragons,
so my sons both had that in mind when they made their selections. Sweet!

It's very cool when it's plugged in, lit up,
with the water flowing over the parapets.

And what's a party without the party-ers?
Danielle, Jacob, Jake, Dylan, Sarah, and Chris made it happen!

And let's not forget Mark. It was this Mom and Dad who started it all!

All the gifts in one place.

And the cards...I enjoy the cards every bit as much as the gifts!

After the gift opening, it was time for cake and ice cream.
Jacob and Danielle picked out this cake and the sparkly candles.
Everybody knows how much I love sparklies!

It was a fun night. As much as I love the attention and the gifts and the goodies, the best part is always having my children there with me. Without them in my life, a birthday would be meaningless. I'm so grateful to have been so blessed as a mom with such great kids. They are precious and I'll always be grateful they are mine, wherever they may go in life.

On my actual birthday, Mark and I went out to El Rancho
and enjoyed my free bowl of deep-fried ice cream!
1 Sept 2015

But wait...the celebrating wasn't over yet! We still had two special dinners to attend in honor of birthdays.

And then on September 3rd Mark and I went out to dinner at Darby's
with my dad and step-mom, Myron and Kathy, to commemorate
my 61st birthday on the 1st and my dad's 81st birthday on the 4th.
Happy birthday, Dad!

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