Sunday, September 27, 2015

Vaya con Dios

Danielle and Jacob with all their worldly belongings loaded up.

It's been kind of a hard week. I knew this day was inevitable, but somehow that doesn't make it any easier. As parents, we know it's part of our job to teach our children to spread their wings and fly fearlessly away from the nest, yet we secretly dread the coming of that day.

Jacob and Danielle, 24 Sept 2015

That day came for me on Friday, two days ago, when Jacob and Danielle hopped into their vehicles, with Jacob at the helm of a U-Haul truck, and headed north to Midvale, Utah. They arrived safely at their destination around 5:00 p.m. yesterday, Saturday.

Jake, Jacob, and Danielle demonstrate their exhaustion
after a long day of moving boxes and furniture.

Of course I knew I wouldn't have all of my children nearby forever. Both my boys, especially, have looked forward to moving on in life and getting "off the mountain," the very place I love the most. Even Sarah, I suspect, would like to spread her wings a bit further someday, although I think there's a good chance she and Chris will stay within a 4- or 5-hour drive. That I could live with. An occasional weekend visit is doable at that distance.

Midvale is 10 hours away. I don't think that will work for a quick weekend trip.

Danielle, Jacob, and Jake in the now-empty sun room of their first home.
For the past 1.5 years it's been filled with boxes they never got around to unpacking.

Although my heart is broken to see them go, I think this move will bring Jacob and Danielle opportunities for growth. They were able to transfer to a Walmart in Utah, where their new supervisors are very anxious to have them on board, so they have jobs awaiting them. They'll be staying with Danielle's parents while they get settled, which will be nice for Danielle, who has missed her family since they moved to Midvale a year ago. So I respect their decision and see that blessings await them in their new life.

Mark and me and all three of our kids. Who knows when we'll all be together again?
23 Sept 2015

Still, our Sunday dinners will be a little bit sad for awhile, as we adjust to their absence. I have loved every crazy, messy, hilarious, busy moment of those weekly dinners, because I always knew in my heart they wouldn't last forever.

The three lights of my life: Dylan, Sarah, and Jacob.

The three goofballs of my life!

Sarah with Jacob and Danielle.

Dylan and Mark with Jacob and Danielle.

Mary and Mark with Jacob and Danielle.

We had our usual Sunday dinner last weekend, with grilled steak, green salad, and french fries, but then we followed it up with one more family farewell dinner on Wednesday night. Jacob wanted some of my famous potato salad (from my mom's recipe) one last time, so we grilled burgers while many hands prepared the potato salad. And we took lots of pictures.

Jacob adds the mayo and seasonings. He does it best!
We'll miss his mad chef skills.

Jacob is prepared to dig in.

Yes, I cried a little when we said good-bye on Thursday night. I'm not an openly emotional person, but in my heart the emotions run deep and strong, and the turbulence of saying good-bye to my son and daughter-in-law broke my heart in several places. Even so, I wish them every happiness for a rich, fulfilling future.

Jacob and Danielle in a rousing game of Hi-Ho Cherry-O!

Vaya con Dios, my children! Go with God!

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