Thursday, January 28, 2016

Knee Update

My orthopedic surgeon's office on the left (under the green wall) and
Mark's physical therapy office on the right (under the wood-plank wall).
In fact, you can see Mark's backside in the workout room window, riding the equipment.
January 27, 2016

Today I went back to see Dr. Reagan for my post-op follow-up. I reported that, although the first week of recovery was more painful than I'd expected (and I definitely returned to work too soon), this second week has been somewhat better. Some pain, but mostly just discomfort. This week I've been able to limp around without my knee brace, and I'm able to put weight on it, but my whole leg sure gets tired fast.

I described the sensation of a band wrapped tightly around the bottom half of my right knee, squeezing like a vise, as well as the tightness of a muscle behind the knee, on the inner side, so tight it's almost cramping. And, in the center bottom of the kneecap, I still feel that painful pressure, almost like it wants to click when I bend it, but can't quite get past something pressing into it.

The doctor nodded knowingly and told me this is all typical, due to the fluid that's still in my knee. Then he showed me how my kneecap is floating and bouncing in the fluid, unlike my normal kneecap on the left. That was a relief! I was almost afraid the surgery hadn't done what it was supposed to do.

After that, he went over all the photos of the surgery, explaining step-by-step what was done and showing me the part that was most invasive (where he'd cut away some tissue) and thus probably causing most of my pain. Sure enough, it was in the exact spot where most of the pain is found. I love when a doctor takes the time to explain and demonstrate, as if you're actually intelligent enough to understand!

Then he removed my stitches. One of the incisions is still lightly oozing, so he prescribed an antibiotic to be sure it doesn't get infected while it finishes healing.

My next appointment is four weeks away. Dr. Reagan feels confident that the fluid will drain off during that time and I'll be walking normally before my next visit. If not, though, we can revisit other options we discussed today, such as another shot in the knee (noooooo!) or physical therapy. Hopefully I won't need either, because I don't want to pay for it!

Progress, one step at a time!

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