Sunday, February 28, 2016

Little Sis Gets Married

The Bride and Groom emerge from the Mesa Arizona Temple.
20 February 2016

Last weekend our whole family traveled to Mesa to attend the wedding of my younger sister Karla and her soulmate Steve. It was a beautiful event and it's awesome to see my sister so happy. I can't look at the two of them together without smiling, their joy is so contagious. She truly deserves someone who loves her like Steve does.

Karla and Steve Nogafsky are now husband and wife!
(Sorry about cutting off the top of your head, Steve!)

As usual, I never travel without my camera and I take pictures of pretty much everything. So, if you were unable to join us, I hope this not-so-little album of my version of their wedding photos will make you feel like you were right there with us!

Moving bodies around for various family groupings is always a challenge.
I loved Karla's cute hairdo from the back.

Karla and Steve with 9 of Karla's 10 children (Josh was unable to be there).
From left to right: Brianna, Genevieve, Addison, Elyssa, Julien, 
Jeremy, Mariah, Celesta, and Gabrielle.

Karla and Steve with Steve's son David.
His daughter and other son were unable to attend.

Karla with her girls: Gabrielle on her right, Addison on her left,
and behind: Brianna, Genevieve, Mariah, Elyssa, Celesta, and Cami.

Karla and Steve with her children, their spouses, and all the grandchildren.

Karla and Steve with all the grandchildren.

Steve and Karla with our brother Jeff. 
Our other two brothers, LeRoy and Darryl, weren't able to be there.
The photographer also took a picture of Karla, Jeff, and me, but I haven't seen it yet.

Karla's beautiful new wedding and engagement rings.

The wedding cake. I heard it was delicious, but I didn't cheat!

The bride and groom cut the cake. I like how their faces mirror their personalities:
Karla's firm determination and Steve's joy at her happiness. 

Dylan captured this image of their hands.

The moment everyone was waiting for!
But they were too nice to be messy.

The bride and groom dance, lost in each others' eyes.
Photo by Dylan.

There's something about this picture and the shadow on the wall that speaks to me.

And, of course, there were many, many people who attended the reception to celebrate this special day with Steve and Karla. My apologies to those I missed. I tried to get around to everyone, but with so many people to chat with and so many distractions (like cake cutting), I kind of lost track of whose pictures I got and whose I didn't...

Here's our dad, Myron, and his wife Kathy. He looks great for 81, doesn't he?
Kathy is only 71; Dad robbed the cradle!

Our cousins Sandra and Sherri (twins) came a long distance to be with us.
That's Sandra's husband Albert. Sherri's husband Rohn had to stay home in CA.

That's me (Mary) with Mark, photo by Dylan.

Danielle, Jacob, Jake, and Dylan at our table.

As always, Sarah finds and entertains the babies all evening!

Sarah watches Dylan sample the cake. She didn't cheat, either!

Dana and Jeff (seated, at right) with a few of their 13 children:
Elsie, Burke, Amber (baby #2 is due on May 10th), and Marcus.

Jeff and Dana's daughters Hayden and Haley with a friend.

My niece Savannah (Darryl's daughter) with Jessica (the fiance of my nephew Justin)
and my niece Elsie (Jeff and Dana's daughter).

My oldest nephew, Jeremy, with his wife Cami and
the youngest of their 5 children, Braxton and Lexy.

My niece Elyssa with her husband, Ross, and one of their babies, Brydon.

My niece Brianna with her husband Bryce and their boys, Carson and Jackson.
The kids weren't feeling very well, poor things.

My niece Mariah with her husband Dallin and their new baby, Oliver.

More nieces and a nephew: Mariah, Emma, and Julien.

And some grand-nieces and -nephews with their Aunt Addison:
Jacey, Addison, Jaren, Analyce, and Brooke.

This was the gift Jacob and Danielle brought from Utah for Karla and Steve.
It's printed on a heavy ceramic tile.

Karla liked their gift so well that she incorporated it into the decor
at the entry to the reception.

The gifts at the door.

Romantic table decor.

As with all good things temporal, the reception had to come to an end,
and the newlyweds made their getaway.

It was a beautiful wedding day and I'm so glad we got to be a part of it. Congratulations, Karla and Steve! May all the days of your forever together be as amazing as you both are!

Karla and Steve take a selfie before they speed away to their hotel.
The next day they headed off to their honeymoon, to spend several days in Sedona.
Which is, coincidentally, where Mark and I took our honeymoon way back in 1989!

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