Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Chris's Belated Birthday

Chris with his ice cream cake at his birthday party.
April 3, 2016

On March 28th, my son-in-law Chris celebrated his 38th birthday, but it kind of slipped away from us. On March 25-26 we had been in the Valley to attend David Archuleta's concert and spend a whole day at the Renaissance Festival, and then on March 27th, after we'd gotten home from the Valley, it was Easter. On top of all that, I was still sick as a dog with a chest cold, so I didn't even realized that his birthday this year was the day after Easter.

I felt even more guilty because Chris had made our family Easter dinner for us (except I did manage to prepare the ham) and brought it over on Easter night because I was so sick. What a son-in-law!

Chris and his gifts.

Thus, after I started feeling a bit better, we made up for our lapse the following Sunday, just six days after his actual birth date. We enjoyed grilled burgers for dinner, after which we watched Chris open his presents. Then, following a rousing rendition of the Happy Birthday song (see below), we served up his cookies-and-cream ice cream cake (and sugar-free chocolate-chip cheesecake for Sarah and me).

Better late than never, right? We hope it was ALL happy, Chris: the birthday and the party!

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