Sunday, July 2, 2017

A Teen No More

July 1, 2017: Dylan poses with his gifts on his 20th birthday.

That's it. As of yesterday, all of my children are in their twenties. Dylan just turned 20, Jacob turned 26 five days earlier, and Sarah is 27 (she'll turn 28 in October). I suppose that's a little unusual. In two months, I'll be 63, when most people my age have children in their thirties and forties. Many even have teenage grandchildren, and even grandchildren who are starting their own young families. Great-grandchildren.

What can I say? I got a late start. Sarah was born when I was 35; Jacob was born twenty months later, two months before I turned 37; and I was 42 when Dylan was born six years later, exactly two months before my 43rd birthday. And how grateful I am for all three of my wonderful children! (Definitely a case of "better late than never...")

Jake prepares two pans of lasagna for dinner.

As it turned out, almost everyone had the day off on Saturday, so we were able to celebrate Dylan's birthday on his actual birthday. Mark had to work, but he got off about 2:00 and Sarah was able to pick him up on her way to my house. Jake also had to work, but he got off at 3:00. Waiting until Sunday wouldn't have made a difference, since both guys worked then, as well. 

Dylan surprised me by showing up earlier than expected, with a bag full of his Nintendo Switch equipment. It seems he had challenged Sarah to a rousing game of the latest Mario Cart 8 Deluxe. I watched him play my personal favorite, Zelda, until Sarah arrived. Then they battled it out for about an hour before Dylan went home to meet Jake and then go shopping for dinner supplies.

Two lasagnas, ready to go in the oven.

Dylan requested lasagna for dinner, which I immediately passed on to Jake. I know everyone prefers his lasagna to mine, and I'm not too proud to concede! Lasagna is kind of a traditional dish in his family, whipped up for every occasion and no occasion at all. Interestingly, in New York City where Jake grew up, they don't say, "I think I'll make lasagna tonight," as we would say it here in the West. Instead, they say, "I think I'll make a lasagna tonight."

Dylan and Jake arrived around 4:30, and Jake spent the next two hours putting together two pans of lasagna. I guess my baking pans are on the shallow side, because he was horrified when he could only fit two layers of meat sauce, noodles, and cheese in the pan. He was forced to continue into a second, smaller dish. Jake said he shuddered to think what his grandmother would say, because a true lasagna must have three layers!

A pile of birthday presents waiting to be opened.

Once the lasagnas went into the oven, Dylan insisted that it was time to open his presents. He was dying to see what everyone got him. He carried the pile of gifts into the living room and waited impatiently for us to gather 'round.

He gave me a hard time for not drawing a picture on the birthday card envelope like I did for the birthdays of Chris (Olaf the snowman from Frozen) and Jake (BB8 the robot from Star Wars). I intended to, but it just got so busy! However, I saved the envelope. I have a couple of ideas...

Dylan checks out the gift from his dad.

Dylan reacts to a whimsical gift from his mom.

Dylan's whole stash (with more coming soon from Jacob and Danielle).

Here's what he got (or is getting soon):

Jacob and Danielle are sending their gift from Utah, so I won't divulge it and ruin the surprise. Jake is getting new brake pads for Dylan's Buick LeSabre, which Dylan suggested.

Sarah and Chris gave him a box of six Hershey bars (he'd already eaten two of them by the time I took the picture above!) and a $25 gift card. Earlier, Sarah had handed the wrapped gift to Dylan and asked if he could guess what it was. He actually got a paper and pencil and took a rubbing of the package, which clearly showed the image of candy bars and a gift card under the wrap. Well done, Dylan, well done.

Mark got Dylan a small emergency lantern, reminding him that monsoon season is upon us. With its frequent power outages, an emergency lantern will come in handy! From me, he received two DVDs (World War Z and War of the Worlds), plus a Bop-It! game featuring Baby Groot (we all adore that character) from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Dinner consisted of lasagna, green salad, garlic bread, and soda.

It was about 7:30 when we finally had dinner, but it was well worth the wait. Jake's lasagna was delectable (perfectly understandable why everyone loves it so much). Dylan tells me mine is too cheesy. I admit, Jake got the proportions exactly right!

Jake shields his eyes from Dylan sharing his ABC food, while Chris laughs.

After dinner, we watched my current Netflix DVD of A Dog's Purpose together. It was a very sweet story, and there were several episodes of quiet sniffling in the room throughout. The guys made excuses like, "There must be some dust in the air."

I ordered this Kit-Kat cake from Safeway.

We paused toward the end of the movie to break for ice cream and cake. We had three types of ice cream and this diabetes-in-a-pink-bakery-box Kit-Kat cake. I'd seen the cake at Safeway last year and knew I had to have it for Dylan's next birthday, since Kit-Kat is his favorite candy bar. I was relieved that they were still offering it all these months later. It was really good, but so, so sweet.

When we ordered it, Mark wanted to put "Happy birthday Dylan" on top, but I didn't think they could, since the top was all M&Ms. However, at Mark's insistence, I asked at the bakery. They said they'd work something out, and they did. I thought doing the icing banner on top was quite clever.

Dylan kept sneaking M&Ms while I tried to get pictures.

Everyone was so anxious to see the end of the movie that we entirely forgot to sing "Happy Birthday" to Dylan! Still, we enjoyed the treats and the silly camaraderie that we always enjoy when we're together. We finished up the movie and then called it a night. I sent as much food home with the kids as they would accept, so I wouldn't be left with a houseful of high-carb stuff needing to be eaten! 

I think my baby boy had a good time for his big day. Happy birthday, Son. We are so proud of you!

The birthday boy with his cake and a purloined M&M between his teeth.

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