Saturday, March 13, 2010

Waiting for Spring

Spring Break is only one week away!

Having weathered 3 more snowstorms this past week (including icy roads and a 2-hour delay in starting school on Wednesday), and with another, smaller storm blowing in on 30 MPH winds even as I type this (predicting about 2 inches of snow for tomorrow), we are all quite ready for spring to arrive!

Don't get me wrong.  I'm deeply grateful for the moisture we've received.  Water is often in short supply here in Arizona, and the mountains' winter snowfall is very important.

Yet one of the beauties of living here in the White Mountains is enjoying 4 distinct seasons (unlike the Valley, with its 2 seasons: hot and hotter).  By the end of one season you are always ready to embrace the coming season.

Mid-term exams commence in 2nd period tutorial.
For students, one of the rites of spring is, of course, mid-term exams.  Our students buckled down and endured their exams on Thursday and Friday this week, despite their hopes that school would be cancelled for snow!  My classes are never so quiet as they are once I place the exams on the kids' desks.  Silence reigns! 

Term 3 is over now, exams are scored and grades are posted, and the final quarter of the school year begins on Monday.  But it's no secret that our thoughts are already racing ahead to Friday, that wonderful day when Spring Break begins!

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Jill said...

wow, Spring break is early this year. I hope this means you will have lots of time to blog :))