Monday, March 1, 2010

And the Winner Is...

In case you were wondering about the outcome of the comic strip competition covered in my post on February 9th, I'm happy to report that our efforts paid off big time because...

Brock won!!!

That's Brock's younger daughter, Cami, sharing the exciting news with everyone.  (I "borrowed" this picture from the blog of Cami's grandma, my friend Jill.)

It was a close contest.  In fact, until the very end of the month another comic held the lead, with Brock's comic hot on its heels but never quite surpassing it in votes.

The other 8 comics in the competition lagged behind, never approaching the popularity of the two in first and second position.  Those two strips were the clear favorites.

Just one day before the contest ended, the comic strip created by Brock's team suddenly jumped into first place.  When I went to the site to add my voice to the surge sweeping their comic forward, they were leading by only about 1,500 votes, but they managed to maintain that lead until the competition closed at 9:00 the next morning.  They won!

Now Brock and team have a one-year contract with DC Comics, which comes with a nice little paycheck.  Way to go, guys!

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Jill said...

Mary, that was so nice of you to give Brock this double exposure. Thank you very much!