Monday, February 22, 2010

Snow Shots

Another storm rolled in on Saturday night, bringing more snow our way.  It's a small storm, compared to the last one.  Until today the snow has been light.

Today, however, it is coming down more heavily.  It may bring up to a foot of snow by morning.

Not great timing, since the state-mandated AIMS tests, required for high school graduation, start tomorrow!

Inconveniences aside, the snow is always beautiful.  Here are some shots of today's powder.

They include the charming, such as the fallen branch in our driveway in the above photo and, at right, the little ditch in front of our house that's been transformed into a trickling stream.

They also include the mundane, as in the pictures that follow...

After school, Jacob and I found the car covered in 3 to 4 inches of snow.  It makes the interior of the car all dark, like in a snow cave. 

Here, Jacob has started clearing the windshield for the drive home.

No matter how carefully you try to enter the car, some of the snow always enters with you.  The trip home ends with a damp backside.

The snow likes to hitch a ride by clinging to you.  These clumps were stuck to my hair by the time I walked across the parking lot and got inside the car after school.

Soon, they turn into beads of water that make your hair sparkle.  I like it.

Just another beautiful winter day!


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Jill said...

I wish I could just try snow living for one day. I really have no idea what it would really be like, as hard as I try to imagine it. For one thing, I never knew snow can fall and stick like clumps!

It must be challenging, but oh, it's BEAUTIFUL!