Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Welcome, Baby Max!

I have a new grand-nephew!  My sister Karla's oldest daughter, Genevieve, and her husband Scott had their baby early yesterday morning.  They have 2 beautiful little girls, and now a sweet little boy has joined their family! 

I lifted these photos from the pictures posted on Facebook by another of Karla's daughters, a freshly proud Aunt Mariah.  Enjoy!

Max and his mommy Genevieve. 
All of the Anderson babies have been delivered at home by a midwife.

Genevieve with her whole brood:
Brooke holding Max and Jaycee on Mom's lap.

Brooke adoring her new baby brother Max.

Jaycee checks out the baby face under the cap.

Not to be left out, here's proud Papa, Scott, on the left holding his niece Makayla.
On the right holding Max is proud Uncle Jeremy (Karla's oldest child).

Karla with her newest, precious grandbaby, Max.  He's a biggun'!

All 6 of Karla's grandchildren:
Max, Brooke, Jaycee, Analyce, Jaren, and Makayla.

Congratulations, Karla, Scott, Genevieve, and all the rest of your family!


ashley broomall said...

how precious! i didn't know she had him. what a sweet little boy!

Jill said...

Max is huge!!
Karla sure looks proud. It seems like last week Karla was giving birth at home to her oldest! I'll never forget home sweet it was of you to send me pictures to borrow. I was just in awe of it all, and the pictures just so happen to arrive on my birthday so that made it extra special. And now look at Karla...she has all those grandbabies!!

Scott and Genevieve said...

Thanks Aunt Mary! We are all so happy he is finally here!