Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Bronze, Times Two

Jacob returned home from the FEA competition at ASU less than an hour ago, and he brought home two happy surprises!  He won two bronze medals (third place)!

Third place is pretty sweet, considering they were competing against 32 other schools.  He won for both his tote bag design and his multi-media presentation.  Obviously he was misinformed when he thought he hadn't made it as a finalist. 

Our team was also presented with cool new shirts, which Jacob is wearing above, with the students' names and the school's name and mascot embroidered on them.  The shirts are in recognition of the team having won FEA Chapter of the Year in 2009.

Way to go, Jacob!  You do us all proud, my son!  (And that ain't no April Fools Joke!)

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Jill said...

Way to go for sure! He obviously got his creative gene from you. He's a hard working, accomplishing young man!