Sunday, January 16, 2011

Christmas in January

Sarah spends quality time with her Aunt Dana!

Due to a big snowstorm and the illness of four family members, we were unable to hold our annual family Christmas party during the actual Christmas season.  We had to postpone it for two weeks, but we finally got (almost) everyone together yesterday to visit and eat and share gifts.

The bad news is, due to work schedules and other factors, not everyone could make it this weekend.  They were sorely missed!  We'll definitely plan better next year.

For now, we hope you'll enjoy these candid shots of the family who were here!

Ed and our nephew Burke (this is my last shot of Ed with his beard; he shaved it off this morning!)

Grandpa Myron and Grandma Kathy (my dad and step-mom):
they were good enough to lend their home for the party.

Elyssa and Mariah with their mom, Karla (my sister)

Emma, Elsie, and Callie with their mom, Dana (my sister-in-law)

My niece Genevieve with her husband Scott and two of their three kids,
baby Max and big sister Brooke (middle sibling Jaycee was playing elsewhere).

Sarah helps baby Max work on his walking skills!

Mariah and her snowman share a moment!

Haley and Hayden made a Mini-Me!

Elyssa's husband Ross (followed by Julien) works on a GIANT snowman...

...but his plan is foiled when the snowman's body breaks in half.
He is consoled by Addison, Gabby, and Brinley.

Time for the gift exchange!  Jeff and Dana's family goes first.  Pictured, from left to right:
Elsie, Emma, Dana, Callie, Jeff (my brother), Haley, and Hayden.

My niece Amber and her 1-year-old son Ian

Addison and Jaycee wait while Karla opens her gift.

Scott and Genevieve's family goes next.  Left-to-right:
Sarah, Brooke, Scott, Genevieve, Jaycee, and Gabby.

Callie Jayne loves her princess wand!  She magically turns 4 in just a few days.

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