Friday, January 7, 2011

Date Night

Ed takes our picture tonight at Moose Henri's.

Ed and I don't go out often enough, just the two of us.  I believe a weekly night out as a couple is a healthy thing for a husband and wife to do.  We just never seem to find the time.  Or we get busy and forget.  Or we're just too tired.  I doubt we go out alone together more than once a month.  Probably less often.  We've decided we need to work on that.

Tonight, though, the opportunity to go out presented itself and we took it! Two teachers I've known for nearly 20 years are in a band called Fat Chance. They play many types of music, but they specialize in the blues. I heard they were performing at Moose Henri's, a bar and grill near our house tonight, so I invited Ed to go enjoy them with me. Usually I avoid bars like the plague, but my husband loves listening to live bands, and he has a particular fondness for jazz and the blues. It seemed like a perfect date night!
Blues band Fat Chance performs at Moose Henri's.

It was fun!  Many of my fellow teachers and school administrators showed up to watch the band.  Steve Knudsen (second from left) was one of Dylan's teachers last semester.  Everett Peterson (third from left) teaches at the elementary, and his wife Judy is a high school English teacher just down the hall from my classroom.  I was a little worried about the atmosphere, but Moose Henri's felt more like a little hole-in-the-wall restaurant than a bar, and since the state legislature banned cigarettes in all public buildings, it wasn't even smoky. 

Originally we thought we might have dinner there, too, but in the end we left and had dinner at the China Wok Buffet instead.  That's one of the first places the kids and I took Ed when we met him, so it has good memories attached to it. 

First date night of 2011: accomplished!  So, where shall we go next week?

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