Monday, January 17, 2011

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner

Tonight we had a special guest over for dinner: Sarah's boyfriend Chris!  They've been dating since early November and recently they officially became "an item."

As Sarah's family, we met Chris back in December.  He usually attends church with us each Sunday, as well as attending meetings in his own ward.  However, he'd never been to our home before, so we decided it was time to have him over.

We had a wonderful dinner, featuring one of Ed's signature dishes, beef stroganoff.  After the meal, Chris joined us for family home evening before he and Sarah went off to attend the singles' family home evening activity. 

A bouquet of roses and lilies Chris gave Sarah just before Christmas.

Even though Sarah is twenty-one, she's still my little girl.  It feels so strange to see her sitting there with a man's arm around her, a man who's calling her "honey."  Yet I'm also thrilled to see her so happy.  And to see how happy Chris is to be with her.

After Chris and Sarah went on their way, Ed, Dylan, and I set to work on building a gingerbread house.  It was one of our gifts from Jeff and Dana's family at Saturday's belated Christmas party. 

No, it's not great art, but it was fun and I think it turned out to be pretty homey.  Now Dylan can't wait to eat it up!

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Grandma Honey said...

Sarah and Chris look so happy together. :)