Saturday, April 21, 2012

An Evening in Paris

Last week I spent an evening visiting Paris.  See?  There I am in the picture, standing outside a cute little bistro with outdoor seating and everything.

 And I got to see the Eiffel Tower, as well!  Isn't it beautiful?

Okay, so I wasn't really in France.  Last Saturday was Prom Night and I had the pleasure of chaperoning the event.  The decorations were wonderful and the 268 young people who attended had a great time.

Once the Prom was in full swing, I sat outside the "Bistro" here and watched the kids dance and visit (and kept an eye out for those whose formalwear was a bit too revealing.  I heard 17 students were asked to leave due to dress code violations).  I walked around now and then, but by sitting in between strolls I managed to get home without any blisters from 4 hours in heels.

The hors d'oeuvres were yummy.  There was a chocolate fountain with lots of bite-sized goodies to dunk in it, and there was also a variety of little French-type pastries, like cream puffs.

I thought this tray of tiny quiche-type desserts was adorable.  So colorful and fun, and tasty, too!

The banners, scepters, and crowns for the Prom King and Queen were displayed on the voting table.  Students voted by placing a colored marble in the glasses bearing the names of their choices for King and Queen.

Our principal, Eric Harmon, seemed relaxed before Prom began.  That's his wife, Kim, giving him bunny ears (or horns).  Kim is my friend as well as my classroom aide.  She's quite a jokester!

These three young ladies are students of mine who arrived early.  They told me they had a great time!

Another beautiful young lady.  Garet is one of the Laurels in our Young Women youth group at church.  Her date was on a bathroom break.

I thought this couple was cute.  They spent most of the evening seated here, deep in conversation.

At one point, a young lady on her way to the dance floor plopped these shoes down in front of me and asked, "Could you watch these for me, please?  Just for 5 seconds?"  She was gone for 15 minutes, of course!

Overall, the students were quite displeased with the disc jockey (I wasn't very impressed, either).  Nonetheless, they made the most of the evening.  At one point they got this conga line going and clearly had a blast!  Notice the balloons above the dance floor.  They were dropped after the Prom King and Queen were announced.

At the end of the night, the kids danced among the balloons (those they hadn't stomped), and most of them stayed right up until it ended at 11:30.  Kim and I agreed that the prettiest dress of the night was the white and aqua gown worn by the girl in the center of the photo above.  I love how modest it is, without sacrificing beauty and elegance.  Her date, Rusty (a good friend of my son Jacob), told me later that she made it herself!  I am impressed!

I came away from Paris with these souvenirs: a chocolate Eiffel Tower on a stick and an Eiffel Tower key chain.  Classy!  Yes, the napkin gives it away.  The Prom was actually held at the Hon-Dah resort on the nearby Apache revervation.  But the spirit there was definitely ooh-la-la!

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