Friday, January 3, 2014

A New Ride

3 Jan 2014: Jacob (age 22) with his new Grand Am

My son Jacob bought a new car yesterday, and no one is happier about it than I am! He now owns a bright red, 1999 Pontiac Grand Am GT. It seems to be in great shape, from the new tires and rims to the powerful turbo engine (whatever that means . . .). And the seller was asking exactly the amount the Kelly Blue Book suggested as the value for this car in "Good Condition." How often does that happen?

Thank goodness Jacob's stepbrother Ryan accompanied him to test-drive the car. My trusting son was ready to hand over the cash, no questions asked, to drive away with his dream car right now. Luckily, Ryan knew to require a bill of sale from the seller (who seemed like a good guy) until they could do the transfer of title. Now it's all good.

So on Jacob's lunch hour today, we met up at State Farm (where these pictures were taken) to add him to my insurance. He was a bit shell-shocked to find out how much it costs a young man under the age of 25 to get full coverage, but that's why he's working two jobs, right?

As for me, the tires on my little red Pontiac Vibe were okay when I took them in to be rotated 6 weeks ago. Then the other night I got a flat tire and discovered that my tires had virtually no tread left! I imagine it's because my car has been the lone transportation for 6 people these past couple of months. So $355 and 4 new tires later, I'm very happy to be a 2-car family now. And we hope to be a 3-car family soon, when we get the water-pump replaced on Ryan and Shera's van. Life will be so much simpler when I'm no longer the family chauffeur!

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