Monday, January 13, 2014


Shera and Ryan in front of their resort condo

After school today I dropped Ryan and Shera off at WorldMark's Bison Ranch Resort in Heber-Overgaard, where they will enjoy a cozy 4-day honeymoon. I managed to snap a few pictures of them before I headed back home.

At the front door of their home for the next 4 days

Their van has been out of commission since they came to Arizona in August, but it's in the shop now and as of tonight it is up and running again. When they return home on Thursday afternoon, they'll have wheels again!

Shera has been looking forward to the fireplace.
Ryan has been looking forward to the hot tub.

 Here they are, posing on their front veranda.
There is a second patio off the bedroom.

They love the big bed--for obvious reasons, of course--
but also because for the past 5 months they've been sleeping in our
cramped 5th-wheel trailer or on an air mattress on the floor.
Three nights in a real bed will be heavenly!

Tonight it is very quiet here at home, especially after all the action of the holidays and planning a wedding. Shera's sister Christine and cousin Sam headed back to Missouri today, and now Ryan and Shera are off on their honeymoon, so it's only Jacob, Dylan, and me. Just like old times.

As for the wedding, I've posted half the pictures on my Facebook page, but I'm still organizing the rest before I do a blog post here. So stay tuned!

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