Friday, July 11, 2014

Honeymoon at the Zoo

So on the next-to-last day of their honeymoon, Jacob and Danielle spent a very hot but fun day at the Phoenix Zoo, and they even got to see most of the animals out and about (as opposed to lolling about unseen in their air-conditioned enclosures).
The newlyweds made sure to get there bright and early, before the worst heat of the day hit. They'd also been advised to synchronize their arrivals at various areas to coincide with posted feeding times, which I thought was pretty brilliant.

Without further ado, here are 23 of my favorite photos from Jacob and Danielle's honeymoon day trip to the zoo!



See the tiny monkey in the tree?

The tortoise and the hare. I love it!

Jacob and Danielle at the petting zoo.

Farmer Jacob

Farmer's wife Danielle? She says, not only no, but heck no!

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