Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Honeymoon

A Jacob-and-Danielle selfie en route to their honeymoon.

On the day after their wedding, Sunday, June 8th, Jacob and Danielle left the mountain and headed to Phoenix for their honeymoon. Along the way, they stopped at the old San Carlos Apache rest stop at the bottom of Salt River Canyon to enjoy the view.

Danielle walks a wall at the rest stop.

View of the Salt River at the bottom of the canyon.

Their ultimate destination was a one-bedroom condo at a new WorldMark Resort, located at the foot of South Mountain in Phoenix. They were there June 8-11.

I admit I was a bit envious. I've never stayed at this resort yet, and Jacob assures me it was much nicer than any of the other WorldMarks we've stayed at over the years. That's saying a lot, because these are always awesome resorts! 

Never saw a Worldmark Resort with a private garage until now!

View of the pool from Jacob and Danielle's patio.

On Monday, the newlyweds did some shopping, relaxed around the resort, and went to eat at Red Robin. I've never eaten there before, but it looks like a fun place. 

Danielle and Jacob at Red Robin.

Danielle enjoys her drink.

Nifty cup!

Inside Red Robin.

Love the fun interior design!

On Tuesday, the happy couple went to the Phoenix Zoo. I was afraid they wouldn't see too many animals due to the heat, but they actually had good luck with that. Such good luck, in fact, that there are too many pictures to share in this one post. So tomorrow I will sort through their zoo photos and select my favorites to share in a second honeymoon post.

A quick plug for J&J Transmission!

On Wednesday it was time to head for home, but their plans hit a snag when they developed car trouble. Jacob had actually taken his car to be looked at twice before the wedding, and they thought the problem was taken care of. No such luck. Fortunately, they found a company that treated them right, locating the problem, repairing it quickly, and charging only a fraction of what they could have asked before sending them on their way. I'll keep this place in mind for future reference!

Not where you want your car on your honeymoon!

And so Jacob and Danielle stopped for a yummy dinner at Olive Garden before driving back to their new home in the mountains, ready to start their new lives as a married couple. Happily ever after has just begun!

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