Friday, December 5, 2014

Five Christmas Trees

How about this one for the living room? The little tree in front is about 5 feet tall...
28 Nov 2014

On the day after Thanksgiving, we got up early, loaded ourselves into two trucks, and headed out into the forest past Sunrise Ski Resort, near Green's Peak, to find and cut ourselves a Christmas tree. To find and cut five Christmas trees, in fact.

Dylan, Danielle, Chris, and Jacob prepare to head into the forest.
Yes, Jacob is wearing shorts in the snow.

My son-in-law's mom, Brenda, invited us to join their family outing in search of trees, and we gladly accepted. Since none of us own a truck (and I hesitate to borrow my dad's truck to go out into the muddy, snowy wilderness), it would have meant another overpriced, half-dead tree from Walmart, so we were grateful to tag along. The cost for a permit to cut your own tree in the national forest is only $15.

Dylan entertains himself while I scope out all sides of this pine tree.

We needed a tree for Brenda; one for Chris's sister Lori's family; one for Sarah and Chris; one for Jacob and Danielle, and one for Dylan and me. It worked out that everyone was able to go along except for poor Sarah, who had to work that morning.

This is the tree I decided upon. Jeremiah came up and cut it for us.

Brenda, Lori, and Jeremiah, along with Chris's two nieces Morgan and Keri, went off in one direction while we headed in another. We started up a snowy hill and climbed quite a way before I decided there were no good prospects in that area. Heading back downhill turned out to be a slippery challenge, and I finally ended up on my backside. Each time Dylan tried to help me up, I'd slide further downhill. Pretty soon I was soaked to the waist and laughing so hard I couldn't stand up!

Dylan peaks out of the foliage.

Eventually we all met in the middle, where Brenda had already found her tree, but then each group took off, heading in four different directions, to find that "perfect" fir we envisioned all lit up in our homes. As we each chose our trees, we had to relocate each other by following the sounds of yells and whistles. 

Heading downhill, back toward the edge of the forest.

Considering that we needed five trees, it didn't take nearly as long as I'd expected. Even with a forty-five minute drive each direction, the entire trip only took about two and a half hours.

We met in this clearing, where Lori wrapped our trees for easier transport.

Five trees heading toward two trucks. It was a successful hunt!

Loading our new Christmas trees for the drive home.
Green's Peak and its towers are visible in the background.

I'm pretty sure this was the first time in my life that I had a Christmas tree up and decorated before we had Thanksgiving dinner! Dylan and I finished decorating the tree on Friday night, the day after Thanksgiving, but we didn't have our Thanksgiving feast until Sunday due to the kids' crazy work schedules.

Brenda, Morgan, Lori, Jeremiah, Keri, and Chris.

It was a great morning, out in the crisply fresh air, surrounded by the beauty of nature, and spent in good company. Thank you, Brenda, for including us!

Mary, Dylan, Jacob, Danielle, and Chris.

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