Saturday, December 13, 2014

The Weather Outside Is Frightful

13 Dec 2014 (12/13/14): the White Mountain Symphony Orchestra.
Sarah is in the red blouse just right of the conductor's stand, behind the cellos.

We haven't had much moisture so far this winter. Just a few short rainfalls and some hints of light snow flurries. So when we got our first real snowfall today, it seemed appropriate that it came on the day of my daughter Sarah's Christmas concert with White Mountain Symphony Orchestra.

Maestro Theresa Dick conducts the orchestra. She's my friend and colleague 
at BRHS, as well as Dylan's orchestra/band teacher over the past several years.
Sarah is visible just to her right. Next to Sarah is my friend and colleague Maja Chadwick, 
from Germany, who did an awesome job as the solo cellist at the beginning of "Stille Nacht."

We woke up to a soggy landscape this morning, since it had rained much of yesterday and through the night. Then this afternoon it turned into fat, wet flakes of snow. By the time we left for Sarah's concert at 2:45, the snow was sticking, coating everything in a lovely, sparkling layer of white.

However, when we drove into the neighboring town of Show low, where the concert was held, there was no snow to be seen. It was very wet with rain, and we even saw a bit of teeny-tiny hailstones, but no snow. 

Father Christmas reads "'Twas the Night Before Christmas" to a group of children
while the orchestra plays in the background.

I love attending every WMSO concert throughout the year, but my favorite is always the Christmas concert. The musicians are always excellent, and the musical selections, familiar or new, add so much to the holiday spirit. I especially look forward to standing and singing along to Handel's Messiah as the final number most years, although I'm usually too choked up by then to sing it properly!

This house around the corner from mine is owned by another BRHS colleague.

On our way home from the concert, Sarah, Dylan, and I went to dinner at our favorite Chinese restaurant, China Wok, before stopping by Walmart for a final bit of Christmas shopping. (Chris couldn't join us since he had to work all day.) We met Jacob and Danielle at Walmart, and they together with Sarah helped Dylan pick out a couple of gifts for me. They tell me I'm going to love my presents. Now I'm consumed by curiosity!

At Walmart we said our farewells and headed back into Lakeside, where I dropped Dylan off at the church to attend a ward Christmas party with his friend Mary. Once we were back in Lakeside, the snow was still falling, but it wasn't too heavy. That is, until I left Dylan at the church and got back on the highway headed home. A storm had moved in behind me. Now the street was slickly thick with snow and visibility was low.

Home sweet home, covered in clean white snow tonight.

I love the snow, but part of its magic is how cozy your warm, safe home feels when you return to it. There's no place like home when it's cold and snowing outside!

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