Monday, November 28, 2016

First Snow

Looking north up the road in front of my house on the way to work this morning.
November 28, 2016

We finally got our first snow of the season! It started last night not long after dark. The snow was fairly light, but it was steady, and we had about an inch of snow on the ground by the time we woke up this morning. Not quite enough to call a two-hour delay for school, darn it, but very beautiful nonetheless. Having to clean off your car when the temperature is below freezing isn't much fun, and yet we find ourselves looking forward to the magic of that first snowfall every year.

Icicles on the bottom of my car after school.

I thought the storm would move on and the snow would melt off by afternoon, but it continued off and on all day. By the time I left school at 4:15, the light but steady snow had resumed. I found my car covered in snow, and icicles had even formed along the bottom.

The temperature when I started my car about 4:15 this afternoon.

Mark and I left the house around 4:45 to run some errands, and the snow continued on. We stopped by Walmart and then we went to Lowe's to look at artificial Christmas trees. I don't care for fake trees, but after years of tromping through mountain snow to locate and cut our own trees, I've decided my knees just aren't up to it anymore. Time to get a really nice, really realistic artificial tree with sturdy branches and colorful lights already in place. We'll leave the tree-cutting adventures to the youngsters!

I didn't like any of Walmart's fake trees because they look, well, fake. There were a couple at Lowe's I thought were passable, but I decided to check out Home Depot's trees before I make a final decision. And Mark and I agreed that Home Depot can wait another day or two. An icy wind outside was chilling us to the bone, so we headed back to the warm house. By the time we got home around 6:00, there was another inch of snow on the ground.

Luckily, the pebbly snow on my window wasn't frozen on.

This story has a happy ending. Ten minutes after we got home from shopping, I got a text from my principal notifying me that we're on a two-hour delay tomorrow morning. That's right, I get to sleep in until 8:00! Woohoo! Life is good!

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